Five Circles

Five Circles was founded by Nobby Hashizume in 2001 in Minnesota as a Non-Profit Organization to promote health, fitness and personal well-being through RUNNING. Original programs included elite support programs, developing up-and-coming athletes, educational programs as well as kids running programs. In 2004, Five Circles organized and managed the USA lecture tour for the legendary athletic coach, Arthur Lydiard of New Zealand. Lydiard signed the MOU with Five Circles to trademark his name (Lydiard) and keep his intellectual properties as its assets to continue his legacy and revolutionary training method to maintain its integrity. Five Circles obtained the original “Lydiard Foundation” as DBA (doing business as) in the state of Minnesota in 2006.

Nobby has gathered many archived literatures and interviews and video clips; and has also created many educational materials to educate people with the Lydiard® method of training in a correct and easy-to-understand manner. In the fall of 2018, Five Circles incorporated Lydiard® Training & Academy in Minnesota as its subsidiary to continue to spread the teachings of Arthur Lydiard to public.

Five Circles is a non-profit organization with 501(c)(3) status by USA IRS and obtain operating fund from donation and other project income such as clinic and on-line training program (Lydiard Running Wizard).

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(Five Circles is a Non-Profit Organization with 501(c)(3) status; donation is tax-deductible.)