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Arthur Lydiard


Portrait of Arthur Lydiard in 2004

(*Watch Lydiard documentary HERE)

Headshot of Arthur Lydiard: courtesy of Budd Coates in 1999

Lydiard, age 65, demonstrating Hill Bounding (*Lydiard Hill Training Video HERE)

Arthur Lydiard (left) with Nobby Hashizume in Auckland, New Zealand, in 1984

Bill Bowerman (left)-Nobby Hashizume (middle)-Arthur Lydiard (right) in 1997 in Eugene, OR

Nobby Hashizume with Bill Rodgers

Nobby discussing training program with Arthur Lydiard over dinner in 1990

Arthur and Nobby in Spokane, WA, in 2004 during Lydiard's final US lecture tour

Nobby Hashizume with Frank Shorter

Peter Snell on the cover of February/March 1999 issue of New Zealand Runner magazine, autographed (*Watch Snell documentary HERE)

Heather Thompson with her 3,000m silver medal at 1978 Commonwealth Games

Dick Quax's headshot on the cover of September/October 1979 issue of New Zealand Runner magazine

Anne Audain winning 3,000m gold medal at 1982 Commonwealth Games (*Watch the race HERE)

Arthur receving Lifetime Membership of New Zealand Athletics in 2003 (Sir Murray Halberg on the left; Don Willoughby on the right)

Arthur Lydiard in South Point, OH, with Harold Smith (second from left)

Arthur Lydiard with Mike Winitz of San Francisco Marathon

Lydiard with Coach Mark Wetmore of University of Colorado during Arthur's final US lecture tour in 2004

Lydiard demonstrating High Knee drill

Lydiard in 1999 in Minneapolis, MN

Arthur with his second wife, Eira

Lydiard discussing with the old pupil of his; Bill Baillie

Nobby Hashizume demonstrating Lydiard Hill Bounding at one of Lydiard Certificate Course in Seattle in 2014 (*Watch Lydiard Hill Training HERE)

Arthur Lydiard lecturing at Camp Crockett, CO, in 1970

Young Dick Quax finishing 2nd behind reigning Olympic champion, Kip Keino, at 1970 Commonwealth Games 1,500m (*Watch the race HERE)

Dr. Peter Snell lecturing the effect of long run on fast twitch fibers at University of Minnesota clinic organized by Five Circles in 2003 (one of the attendees was young Nick Willis of then Univefrsity of Michigan)

New Zealand's Nikki Hamblin, right, and America's Abbey D'Agostino embrace each other at the end of 2016 Rio Olympic women's 5,000m heat (*Watch it HERE)

Right after the award ceremoney of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics 10,000m: from left to right, Mohammed Gammoudi (2nd)-Billy Mills (1st)-Ron Clarke (3rd)

Arthur Lydiard, right, setting the New Zealand national 20-mile record of 1:54:52 at Olympic Park, Grey Lynn, in 1955 with George Gibson, left, second

Japan's Yuki Kawauchi setting his life-time best marathon time of 2:07:27 at the age of 33 at the 2021 Lake Biwa Marathon

The Gold Medal Trio: Arthur Lydiard, the Coach (left) with athletes, Murray Halberg (5,000m) and Peter Snell (800m)

From left to right: Murray Halberg (5,000m in 1960), John Walker (1,500m in 1976), Peter Snell (800m and 1,500m in 1960/64)

Frank Shorter winning his 2nd Fukuoka Marathon title in 1972 with the time of 2:10:30 (his PR)

A rare photo of Arthur Lydiard (left) and Bill Rodgers dining together. Bill: "He probably doesn't like my racing too much." Nobby: "Not that, but with your junk food diet!" ;o)

Japanese national 800m record holder, Masato Yokota, shaking hands with Peter Snell in 2008. Yokota now coaches a promising Japanese distance runner, Hitomi Niiya.

Bill Rodgers winning 1977 Fukuoka Marathon in 2:10:55 (after abruptly stopping at 2k to go for a sip of water)

Young Arthur Lydiard, right, with the President of Finland, Urho Kekkonen, in 1966 when Lydiard was the Finnish National Coach. Lydiard received White Cross, equivalent of Knighthood, for his contribution to Finnish athletics.

At the 1997 Hilary Commission Coaching Award Ceremony: When the Master Coach speaks, everybody listens

2021 USA Olympic Trial 3,000m steeplechase: Emma Coburn, middle, won in the meet record of 9:09.4 with Courtney Frerich (2nd) and Valery Constien (3rd) (*Watch the race HERE)

The Master Coach and the athlete...and good mates; Arthur Lydiard, left, and Larry Wiechern

Australia's Rob de Castella winning the 1986 Boston Marathon with then the course record of 2:07:51

Peter Snell, left, and Arthur Lydiard after Snell set 2 world records for 800m and 880 yards in 1961 (*Watch the race and Snell's interview HERE)

A half way into the 1976 Montreal Olympic marathon in the drizzling rain: Frank Shorter leads with Lasse Viren, left, and Waldemar Cierpinski, right, and Bill Rodgers behind (*Watch the race HERE)

A portrait of Sir Murray Halberg; the Olympic 5,000m champion, Commonwealth Games 3-mile champion (twice), and the founder of the Halberg Disability Sport Foundation (*Check out HERE)

The 1973 and 1977 US AAU marathon champion, Ron Wayne, with Bill Rodgers, left, and Patti Dillon, right

The shoes worn by Frank Shorter when he ran his life-time PR of 2:10:30 at 1972 Fukuoka Marathon

Peter Snell, left, and Murray Halberg reunited at Stadio Olimpico in Rome in 2000

Dick Quax competing in the all black uniform of New Zealand with the Silver Fern

John Davies (#4) competing in a 1,500m race in White City, England, side-by-side with the eventual winner, Czechoslovakia's Joseph Odlozil (#9) in 1965 (*Autographed by John Davies)

Yoko Shibui (#3) passing Yukiko Akaba (#8) to win 2008 Japanese T&F championships women's 10,000m to claim the Beijing Olympic team spot

Murray Halberg winning the 2-mile race in Auckland, New Zealand, in 1961 in the howling wind with 8:51.4

The medal ceremony of the 1968 Mexico City Olympic marathon; Japan's Kenji Kimihara receiving the silver medal, with Ethiopia's Mamo Wolde and New Zealand's Mike Ryan on the right (*Watch the race HERE)

Ray Puckett preparing for a track event by applying vaseline insde his spike shoes

Bill Baillie leads John Davies (middle) and Murray Halberg (left) as a part of preparation for the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games

Anne Audain sprinting to the finish of the 1982 Cascade Run Off 15km in Portland, OR, to defend her title (*Watch the race HERE)

Barry Magee, left, and Jeff Julian lead the 1964 Western Spring 6-mile in which Magee ran the life-time PR of 27:52.8 to Julian's 28:18

John Walker (#694) winning the gold medal in the 1976 Montreal Olympic 1,500m from Ivo Van Damme (#103) and Paul-Heinz Wellmann (behind Van Damme) with Eamonn Coghlan (#514) finishing 4th

Peter Snell (#466) storming around the last turn in the 1964 Tokyo Olympic 800m final. Snell wins in the Olympic record of 1:45.1 and goes on to win 1,500m as well to be the last man to have done the classic double

Frank Shorter being interviewed after winning the 1972 Fukuoka Marathon in his life-time PR of 2:10:30

Peter Snell leads Canada's Bill Crothers in the final stretch of 880-yards race at Varsity Stadium in Tronto in June, 1965. This occastion, Crothers beat Snell

Exhausted but content; Murray Halberg lays down infield at the finish of 1960 Rome Olympic 5,000m. Grodotzki of Germany (right) and Zimny of Poland rush to congratulate Halberg

Nobby Hashizume, left, and Arthur Lydiard at Steve Hoag's Marathon Sports store during the 1999 Lydiard lecture tour that Nobby organized

Nick Willis becoming the first man to have run sub-4 minute mile 20-years in a row at the Millrose Games in January, 2022

Lasse Viren after winning 10,000m at 1976 Montreal Olympic Games, joined by a couple of excited countrymen, carrying the Finnish flag

Nanae Sasaki, left, thanking her coach, Kiyoshi Nakamura after winning the 1985 Nagoya Women's Marathon, her final serious competition

Ray Puckett, a two-time New Zealand Olympic marathon representative (1960 and 1964)

Yasushi Sakaguchi competing the All-Japan Corporate Team New Year's Ekiden Championships for Team S&B

Cathy O'Brien (#3) sharing the lead with the eventual winner, Janis Klecker (#4) at the 1992 US Olympic Marathon Trial. #2 is Francie Larriue Smith makes her 5th US Olympic Team

"Boston Billy" Bill Rodgers on his way to his second Boston Marathon victory in 1978 in 2:10:13

Peter Snell working on his start practice for shaprening

Anne Audain (#439) trailing America's Lynn Nelson (#589) in the 1988 Seoul Olympic women's 10,000m final. Audain finishes 11th.

Arthur Lydiard, left, with Nobby Hashizume at one of Lydiard's running clinics in Beaverton, OR, in 1982

Tanzania's Filbert Bayi (#613) in the final 100m of the epic 1974 Commonwealth Games 1,500m with John Walker (#483) chasing him down

Frank Shorter (#5) leads Australi's John Farrington (#80), Japan's Yasunori Hamada (behind Shorter) and Finland's Seppo Nikkari (#2) half way into the 1972 Fukuoka Marathon

Young Arthur Lydiard, in 1946 (age 29), passing through Newmarket area in the Onehunga to Auckland race

Murray Halberg leading Australia's Dave Power in a 3,000m race in 1961

Bill Rodgers receiving the victor's cup after winning 1977 Fukuoka Marathon in 2:10:55

Yoko Shibui of Japan; the morning after her first marathon at Osaka with then the fastest debut marathon in history of 2:23:11

Murray Halberg winning the gold medal in the 1960 Rome Olympic 5,000m (*Autographed by Murray Halberg)

America's Rich Kenah, the bronze medalist in the 1997 Athens World Championships 800m: "I did everything in the Lydiard book except for one thing--I weight-trained!"

Yoko Shibui making the ceremonial first pitch at the Yokohama Stadium in 2016 (yes, she did make it to the homebase!!)

Bill Baillie at the L.A. Times indoor 2-mile race in 1966, beating Ron Clarke (right) and Kip Keino (left)

1979 Boston Marathon: from left, Kevin Ryan-Dickie Mahoney-Gary Bjorklund-Bill Rodgers-Toshihiko Seko (behind Rodgers)-Don Kardong

Team Lydiard 1961 European campaign: from left, Murray Halberg-Peter Snell-Arthur Lydiard-Barry Magee-Garry Philpott

Legendary Boston Coach, Bill Squires, left, with the legendary lady, the first woman to run the Boston Marathon (1966), Roberta "Bobbi" Gibb

Arthur Lydiard in the early 1960s when he was lecturing around New Zealand for Rothmans

Lydiard card provided by Brooks Sports for 1999 Lydiard lecture tour organized by Nobby Hashizume

Spike shoes worn by Lasse Viren when he won 5,000m and 10,000m gold medals at 1976 Montreal Olympic Games

Nick Willis competing in his 5th Olympic 1,500m at 2020 (+1) Tokyo Games. He won the silver medal in 2008 and the bronze medal in 2016.

Frank Shorter, left, and Bill Rodgers tying the 1st place at the 1975 Virginia 10-miler (*Watch the race HERE)

Anne Audain on her way to winning the historic 1981 Cascade Run Off to become the first female "professional" runner (*Read about it HERE)

Cathy Schiro (O'Brien) with 1984 Kinny Footlocker National Cross-Country Championships trophy

Portrait of young Arthur Lydiard (1963)

On his final US lecture tour in 2004: Spokane, WA, organized by Five Circles

Jon Brown of England (left), the 4th place finisher at 2000 and 2004 Olympic marathon, with his coach, George Gandy who recently passed away. "George was a big Lydiard disciple; you'd be happy to know," says Jon.

Lydiard's headshot on his 1999 US lecture tour organized personally by Nobby Hashizume

Hwang Young-Cho of South Korea battling it out with Japan's Koichi Morisita in the last few miles of 1992 Barcelona Olympic marathon (*Watch the race HERE)

New Zealand's Navill Scott, left, with Murray Halberg at 1958 Empire Games in Cardiff. They won the bronze and the gold medals in the 3-miles (*Watch the footage 3:00 into THIS)

Dick Quax running along side of West German's Hildenbrand in the 1976 Montreal Olympic 5,000m final (*Watch the race HERE) (courtesy: Kim Stevenson)

Japan's Kunimitsu Itoh carrying the Olympic torch through Nagano Prefecture for the 2020 (+1) Tokyo Olympic Games

Steve Hoag (left) and Coach Ron Daws training around Hyland Park in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Lydiard in the 1980s with his Winstone T-shirts

Arthur Lydiard, nearing 60, still fit enough to run 3-hour marathon

Adam Goucher of University of Colorado, one of many Olympians coached by Mark Wetmore

Bill Rodgers with the headband presented from his friends, Japanese drummer group, "Ondekoza". It reads: びる (=Bill) and ろじゃぁす (=Rodgers)

Training needs to be continued--rain or shine...or snow: Canada's Jerome Drayton

Deena Kaster proudly showing off her bronze medal from 2004 Athens Olympic women's marathon

Dick Quax competing in the New Zeland Road Champs for "Auckland University" in 1980

The start of 1973 Sunkinst indoor 2-mile: from left, Peter Kaal (4th)-Tracy Smith (2nd)-Marty Liquori (3rd)-Steve "Pre" Prefontaine (win)-Frank Shorter (5th)-Lasse Viren (6th)

Going into the final lap of the 1960 Rome Olympics 800m final: from left, Roger Moens (2nd)-Peter Snell (1st)-George Kerr (3rd)-Paul Schmidt (4th). Snell is wearing hand-built spike shoes by Arthur Lydiard.

Nobby Hashizume conducting the original Lydiard Certificate Clinic under the critical--but approving--eyes of the Master, Lydiard himself in New York, 2004

Autographed card provided by Five Circles in 2004

Lydiard signing autograph during his last USA lecture tour in 2004

A familiar scene with Dick Quax; out in the front with his arms up in victory

Three guest speakers at 1981 "Big M" Melbourne Marathon: Ron Clarke (left), Arthur Lydiard, and Rob de Castella

The cover of 1981 November issue of "The Runner" magazine. Frank Shorter and Bill Rodgers

Youth friends and rivals; Barbara Moore (left) and Anne Garrett (Audain)

Toshihiko Seko of Waseda University running 1979 Hakone Ekiden. Kiyoshi Nakamura is in white jacket on the jeep.

Peter Snell after winning his second gold medal at 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games (his third) in the 1,500m

Bill Rodgers on his full-flight: on his way to his first of 4 Boston Marathon victories in 1975

Award Ceremony of the 1979 Fukuoka Marathon: from left, Shigeru Soh (2nd)-Toshihiko Seko (win)-Takeshi Soh (3rd)

Triumphant Homecoming for Lasse Viren (left) and Pekka Vasala from Munich Olympic Games where they won 3 gold medals

The plaque of "Legendary and Pioneering Coach" Award by World Athletics presented to Arthur Lydiard in 2019

Anne Audain and Frank Shorter after the 10k race in Frank's hometown, Middletown, NY, in 1983

Italia's Stefano Baldini winning 2004 Athens Olympic Marathon (*Watch the race HERE)

A book written by Baldini in Italy; he designated 10-page chapter, describing the Lydiard Pyramid, phase by phase

Australia's Rob de Castella (#1) chasing England's Tim Hutchinson in a cross-country race

Boston's legendary Coach Bill Squires giving some advice to Mary Cain

Arthur Lydiard at the start of Round the Bays 12k road race in Auckland, New Zealand

Coach Shigeharu Watanabe, left, with Frank Shorter

Coach Yoshio Koide: "I still read one page a day from Mr. Lydiard's book (Japanese translation of "Running with Lydiard")..." said Coach Koide in 2002

Kara Goucher working on her leg strength by step-running

Arthur Lydiard, left, with Don Worrell

England's Ian Thompson on his way to 1974 European Championships marathon in Rome

At the early stage of the 1971 Fukuoka International Marathon: from left, John Farrington-Akio Usami-Frank Shorter (the eventual winner)-Jack Foster-Seppo Nikkari

Four Lydiard men and the Olympic Champion: from left, Nobby Hashizume-Nick Willis-Bob Schul-Barry Magee-Bill Baillie at 2013 Arthur Lydiard Classic in South Point, OH

Canada's Jerome Drayton on his way to his 3rd Fukuoka Marathon victory in 1976

World 1,500m champion, Jenny Simpson working on her leg-speed

Dick Quax; familiar style at the start of European track competition; relaxed and confident

"Run--the Lydiard Way": 1978 edition

2018 Boston Marathon champion (in a drenching condition), Yuki Kawauchi (right) with 3rd place finisher at 1979 Boston Marathon, Bob Hodge

Peter Snell (#466) easily advanced to the next round in the 1,500m at 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games with a US high school sensation, Jim Ryun, trailing in the back of the pack

Golden Team: Anne Audain with her coach, John Davies

Medal Ceremony of 800m at 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games: Canada's Crothers (silver), Peter Snell (gold) and Kenya's Kiprugut (bronze)

The familiar image of Peter Snell in a race; powerful and in the lead, breaking the finish tape--880 yard race in Europein 1961

Japan's Mizuho Nasukawa, coached by Yoshio Koide, finishing 2nd (1st Japanese) at 2012 Yokohama Women's Marathon

After winning 1979 New York City Marathon, Bill Rodgers sticking 4 fingers up to indicate his 4th victory while Norway's Grete Waitz showing her 2nd victory. She would go on to win 7 more.

Olympic 1,500m champion, John Walker, training for 5,000m at 1984 Los Angels Olympic Games at Cornwall Park

Arthur Lydiard (right) with Bill Bowerman at 1997 Pre Classic

Lydiard with young admirors at Mead High School, Spokane, WA, during his final USA lecture tour in 2004

Young Lydiard competing in the 1950 Empire Games Marathon wearing All Black uniform with Silver Fern proudly. He finished (disappointing) 13th place.

Arthur Lydiard, center, with Sir Peter Snell (left) and Sir Murray Halberg (right)

Kenya's Douglas Wakiihuri winning the 1987 World T&F Championships marathon in Rome (*Watch the race HERE)

Greater Boston Track Club's Bob Hodge (3rd at 1979 Boston Marathon and the winner of 1981 Beppu Marathon) winning Vermont City Marathon in 1992 at the age 36

Young Arthur Lydiard visiting children's hospital, chatting with Wayne Ginger in the 1960s

Dick Quax leading the indoor 3,000m race in Philadelphia in 1981

Lydiard made "running" accesible to everybody; and he made "running" as a daily activity. Here in 1963, Murray Halberg, left, and Peter Snell running to the top of Nevada Fall in Yosemite Valley, carrying their lunch

Australia's coach-athlete golden team: Marathon great, Robert de Castella (right) with his coach, Pat Clohessy (left)

Japan's Naoko Takashi winning 1998 Asian Games marathon in Bangkock in 2:21:47 all by herself under 30C degree condition (*Watch the race HERE)

At 1975 Honolulu Marathon: Steve and Geri Hoag taking a snap shot with ageless Kiwi marathon runner, Jack Foster who won in 2:17:24

The gang of Olympic 1,500m medalists: from left to right, Ron Delany (gold 1956)-John Landy (bronze 1956)-Steve Cram (silver 1984)-John Walker (gold 1976)-Kip Keino (gold 1968)-Herb Elliott (gold 1960)-Peter Snell (gold 1964)

Historic 1981 Cascade Run Off: from left, Herb Lindsay (2nd)-Domingo Tibaduiza (3rd)-Greg Meyer (1st)-Bill Rodgers (4th). This was the first ever official "professional" road race in history (*Watch the race HERE)

Arthur Lydiard running with young runners in the early 1970s

Lydiard and the packed audience (300+) at Lewis & Clark high school in Spokane, WA, during his final 2004 US lecture tour

Lydiard with Eira's high school cross country team; Alex Mingaye (left) and Alison Taylor (right)

Lydiard, right, discussing training with Bill Baillie (center) and John Davies (left) during their European Tour in 1965

Richard Tayler (#802), after suffering Ankylosing Spondulitis (athletic arthritis), came out and "jogged" Winstone Marathon in 2:40

Anne Garrett (Audain) winning Auckland vs Waikato Senior Cross Country as a 15-year-old with Val Robinson chasing

Greg Meyer leaving Benji Durden (who would finish 3rd) over the Heartbreak Hills in the 1983 Boston Marathon

The cover of Japanese "Track & Field Magazine" when Yoko Shibui set the Japanese record with 2:19:41 at 2004 Berlin Marathon

Award Ceremony of 1949 New Zealand Marathon Chamionships where Arthur Lydiard finished 2nd with G. Bronley 1st and L. Fox 3rd.

Two great Olympic champions: Peter Snell of New Zeland (800m gold 1960, 800m/1,500m gold 1964) with Frank Shorter (marathon gold 1972 and silver 1976 which should have been gold)

Toshinari Takaoka of Japan finishing 4th in the 2005 Helsinki World Track & Field Championships Marathon

Arthur Lydiard visiting Mead High School in Spokane, WA, where one of the local organizers, Dori Whitford, right, coaches during his (final) 2004 US Lecture Tour

Arthur Lydiard for a photo shoot for a New Zealand running magazine in 1991

America's Gerry Lindgren leads Germany's Jurgen May in a 5,000m race in France in 1969

Legendary Japanese marathon coach, Kiyoshi Nakamura (left) with his runners including Toshihiko Seko (far right). All workouts begins with a bow.

Australia's Rob de Castella easily winning a 10k road race in Italy in 1982

Coach Shiro Itoh, right, with his running hero, Frank Shorter, at 1983 Honolulu Marathon

Peter Snell winning the 1964 Tokyo Olympics 1,500m final "with consumate ease" (Arthur Lydiard)

Kenya's Douglas Wakiihuri, right, receiving "Order of the Rising Sun Gold and Silver Rays" Award from the Emperor of Japan in June 2021. Left is Athletic Kenya President, Jackson Twei.

Arthur Lydiard, left, with Kevin Hunt and Alan Christofferson at Waipukurau Athletic Club

Murray Halberg leading Oregon's Archie San Romani, coached by Bowerman, in the 4 X 1-mile relay in 1963

Jack Foster (#1) leads Tom Fleming (#3) at the 1974 AAU Marathon Championships. Foster wins, as a 43-year-old, in 2:18:24.

Kara Goucher, in her attempt to make her third US Olympic team in 2016 Rio Olympics in the marathon after she parted herself from Nike Oregon Project, finished 4th at the Trial in 2:30:24

Coach Bill Bowerman, right, with one of his last athletes whom he had coached, one of the greatest steeplechasers in the US history, Henry Marsh (4th in 1984 LA Olympics; 6th in 1987 World Championships)

The 1980 Midland 15k: from left, Jon Sinclair (#27)-Lasse Viren-Dick Quax right behind Viren (to his right)-Greg Fredericks (#14)-Kirk Pfeffer-Gary Bjorklund (#2)-Randy Thomas-Bill Rodgers (#5)-Herb Lindsey obsecured behind Rodgers-Greg Meyer-Hery Rono (#9)-Stan Mavis-John Flora (#1)

The start of 1964 Tokyo Olympics marathon: #75 Kenji Kimihara right next to Ray Puckett #53 in NZ all black uniform. Also in the middle in all black uniform is Jeff Julian. You can see the black silhouette of eventual winner, Abebe Bikila way back at the end of the pack (red arrow).

Murray Halberg crossing the finish first in the final of 1960 Rome Olympics 5,000m

Arthur Lydiard instructing the sprint start to some young aspiring athletes with a noted Owairaka Club sprinter/hurdler, Avis McKintosh

Coach Yoshio Koide, left, congratulates Mizuho Nasukawa on winning 2009 Tokyo Marathon in 2:25:38

"Boston Billy", Bill Rodgers, after winning 1977 Fukuoka Marathon 6 weeks after winning New York City Marathon

Old Master, Lydiard, visiting Peter Snell in his hometown, Dallas, TX, in mid-1980s

Barry Magee, right, with his bronze medal for 1960 Rome Olympic Marathon with Abebe Bikila

Powerful stride of Peter Snell (*Watch Peter Snell documentary "Athlete" HERE)

Arthur Lydiard with Dr. Dick Brown at Mazzi's Italian restaurant in Eugene, OR, in 1997

Kara Goucher, University of Colorado alumni (under Coach Wetmore) winning the silver medal in 2007 Osaka World T&F Championships 10,000m

Singapore's multiple national record holder, Mok Ying Ren, far left, and Matt Fitzgerald, middle, joning Mitsui-Sumitomo's training camp including Yoko Shibui, far right

Bob Hodge, left, passing Tom Fleming over the Heartbreak Hills to claim 3rd place in the 1979 Boston Marathon

The banner for South Point High School's Arthur Lydiard Classic T&F meet

"Gentleman, John", John Davies, the bronze medalist in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics 1,500m and the silver medalist in the 1962 Perth Commonwealth Games mile both behind his teammate, Peter Snell

Ron Clarke, running second here, competing in his final race won by a young American by the name of Frank Shorter (#9). Kenny Moore far left.

The face of a champion: Murray Halberg

Japan's Kenji Kimihara, finishing second behind Ethiopia's Mamo Wolde in the 1968 Mexico City Olympic marathon 100m ahead of New Zealand's Mike Ryan (far left)

Italia's Stefano Baldini after winning the gold medal at 2004 Athens Olympic marathon

Award Ceremony for 10,000m at 1976 Montreal Olympic Games: from left, Brendan Foster (bronze)-Lasse Viren (gold)-Carlos Lopes (silver)

A legend of his own rights: 2-time Olympic 1,500m medalist, Nick Willis (silver in 2008--which should have been gold--; bronze in 2016). Even Peter Snell or John Walker didn't repeat medaling 1,500m.

An epic biography, "A Clean Pair of Heels"--The Murray Halberg Story

Multi-world-records holder, Peter Snell, right, chatting with another multi-world-records holder, Ron Clarke, left

A rare image of Arthur Lydiard when he was 16-years-old in November 1933 (courtesy: Don Jacobs)

Young coach Yuichi Takahashi, left, with Yoko Shibui, a 2:19:41 marathon runner, during her altitute training camp in Boulder, CO, in 2016

Jon Robinson proudly showing off his 10th place cup from the 1971 Fukuoka Marathon and a couple of exchanged singlet (the one on the right is from Kenji Kimihara)

Two laps to go in the final of 1956 Olympic 1,500m when Australia's Merv Lincoln shot out the lead with Murray Halberg and Neville Scott (in All Black uniform) trail (*Watch the race HERE)

The second half of the 1972 Olympic 10,000m final: Lasse Viren (eventual winner) leads; Mariano Haro (4th); Dave Bedford (6th); Emil Puttemans the other side of Bedford (2nd); Mirus Yifter (3rd); Frank Shorter (5th)

Bill Rodgers, left, chatting with his teammate, Don Kardong, at the start of the 1976 Montreal Olympic marathon

Arthur Lydiard, middle, with Wayne Baker (left) and Jonas Holdeman (right) in New York 2004

Arthur Lydiard (left) with his "mates", Larry and Glennis Wiechern; Val and Bill Roger: What were you guys doing at night by Arthur's statue...???

Coach Watanabe (right) with his old master, Coach Yoshio Koide at their high school reunion in March 2019

Japan's Yuki Kawauchi, running his PR of 2:07:27 at the age of 33 at the 2021 Lake Biwa Marathon

Peter Snell coming into the second lap of an 800m race from the pacer, Barry Robinson, where Snell set 2 world records, 800m and 880 yards (*Read the article HERE)

Cover of Track & Field News magazine, December 1969 issue. Peter Snell as the athlete of the "sixties".

The face of a champion: Peter Snell

Award ceremony for 1983 L'eggs Mini Marathon: Anne Audain, top second from left, with Grete Waitz, next to Anne

Final 50m of 1976 Montreal Olympic 3,000m steeplechase final with Anders Garderud (#812) leading with Finland's Tapio Kantanen (#281) chasing down in 4th place

Toshinari Takaoka, left, with Bil Rodgers reuniting at 2016 Bix 7-miler

Arthur Lydiard's original EB Marathon. Lydiard developed several models with the German company, EB, including Sao Paulo, racing shoes, as well as track spike shoes.

Award Ceremoney of 1975 World Cross Country Championships in Rabat, Morocco where Bill Rodgers (#257) finished 3rd behind Ian Stuart (#78) and Mariano Haro

Epic Titanic battle in the final lap of 1972 Munich Olympic 5,000m with Lasse Viren (#228: 1st), Mohamed Gammoudi (#904: 2nd) with Steve Prefontaine (4th) (*Watch the race HERE)

Murray Halberg leads Max Truex (USA) and Gordon Pirie (GB) in 5,000m in Helsinki, Finland. Halberg won in 13:57.4. Peter Snell won 800m and Barry Magee won 10,000m on the same day.

John Walker, right, with his coach, Arch Jelley, showing the spike shoes John wore when he set the world mile record of 3:49.4 in Gottenburg, Sweden, on August 12, 1975 (*Watch the race HERE)

Professor Toyo-oka, left, with Peter Snell, center, and Nobby Hashizume at the Lydiard clinic in Osaka in 2008. Snell and Nobby conducted a Lydiard clinic at Osaka, Tokyo and Gunma for Japan Running Academy.

Gold Ain't Easy: Richard Tayler winning the gold medal in 1974 Commonwealth Games 10,000m (*Watch the race HERE)

Toru Terasawa (#76) who broke Abebe Bikila's world marathon record in 1962 and Kokichi Tsuburaya (#77) who won the bronze medal in 1964 Tokyo Olympic Marathon. Both participated 1963 New Zealand training camp

Toshihiko Seko winning 1983 Fukuoka Marathon in a thrilling last 100m sprint (*Watch the race HERE)

At the 1974 Commonwealth Games 1,500m in Christchurch where Filbert Bayi (#613) and John Walker (#483) broke Jim Ryun's then world record with Ben Jipcho finishing 3rd (*Watch the race HERE)

Finland's Lasse Viren, after winning the 1976 Montreal Olympic 10,000m, took off his spike shoes and held them up for the "winning run" and got reprimanded by IOC

Anne Audain on her way to her 1982 Brisbane Commonwealth Games 3,000m victory (*Watch the race HERE)

Athelete-coach, business partners (Cellnet Corporate Challenge), and good friends: Dick Quax (left) and John Davies

Four "juniors"; from left, Gary Lydiard (14)-Tom Bricklebank (18)-Geoff Bateson (17)-Kim McDell (17) running 22-mile Waiatarua "comfortably" in the rain. "Teenagers can manage long runs as long as it's aerobic"--Arthur Lydiard

Final few kilometers of 1983 Fukuoka Marathon: Juma Ikangaa leads (not in picture) and Alberto Salazar still ahead (#1) with Toshihiko Sek0 (#29), Shigeru Soh (#33) and Takeshi Soh (#30) follow (*Watch this Titanic battle HERE)

Portrait of Bill Bowerman: "I am but a disciple. Arthur Lydiard of New Zealand is the Prophet..." on his work with "Jogging" movement in the USA

Dick Quax (#1) and Benji Durden (#5) in the midway stage of 1980 OTC Marathon

Arthur Lydiard running with Bob Anderson of "Runner's world" in 1970

2018 Bonston Marathon Men's and Women's Champions: Yuki Kawauchi and Desi Linden

Gary Lydiard (#15: Arthur's son) and John Revell (#32) running their first marathon as a teenager. They ran 2:54 and 2:52 respectively.

England's Ian Thompson 200m to the 1974 Commonwealth Games marathon title in then the second fastest time of 2:09:12

Murray Halberg testing the strategy he would employ at Rome Olympics at 1958 Cardiff Empire Games 3-miles

Barry Magee receiving the Kanaguri Award by winning the 1960 Asahi Marathon with Finland's Kotila 2nd and Czech's Kantorek 3rd

Bill Rodgers at the award celemony of 1977 Kyoto Marathon

John Walker, left, with his coach, Arch Jelley, discussing their plan to LA Olympic Games after a cross-country race in 1984

Peter Snell preparing for his workout while little barefoot admirers joined in

Arthur Lydiard at one of Jeff Galloway's Phidippides running camps in the late 1970s

Peter Snell "nipped" West Indy's George Kerr in an 800m race in 1:47.1 at Santry Stadium in Dublin in 1961

Portrait of Murray Halberg in "Clean Pair of Heel"

Bob Hodge (#27) in 1986 Boston Marathon where he finished 6th in 2:14:50

Arthur Lydiard giving workout instructions to young Danish runners, including Loa Olafsson

Arthur Lydiard critiquing participants "Hill Training" technique during 1983 Lydiard clinic tour organized by Phidippides

Nick Willis, here shown competing in the Rio Olympic Games 1,500m where he won the bronze medal, made the history for making his 5th Olympic team for 2020 (+1) Tokyo Games

Jerome Drayton of Canada after winning 1975 Fukuoka Marathon in the Canadian record of 2:10:05 that stood for 43 years

Dr. Joan Ullyot (#206) with Jacqueline Hansen (#207) at Women's Interntaional Marathon Championships in Waldniel, West Germany in 1974 (*Watch the footage HERE)

Richard Tayler in the final 50m of his victorious Commonwealth Games 10,000m in 1974

A beautiful portrait of Billy Mills by B. V. Martin

Bill Rodgers after winning his first Boston Marathon in 1975 in the then American record of 2:09:55

Yoko Shibui (a 2:19:42 runner) with Kazuo Aoshima who ran 2:51:04 at the age of 59 in 2020!!

1964 Auckland Cross-Country championships: who's-who of world of distance running of the era in 1960s: from left, Bill Baillie (#2)-Barry Magee (#97)-Ray Puckett (#2XX)-Murray Halberg (#204)-Vern Walker (#48)

Half way into 1976 Montreal Olympic marathon: from left, Shorter-Singh-Lismont (back)-Viren-Cierpinski-Rodgers (*Watch the race HERE) (**Cierpinski was known to have used illegal PED under East German's regime)

Kenya's first great internatinal marathon runner; Douglas Wakiihuri, coached by Kiyoshi Nakamura

Ray Puckett, left, and Bill Baillie on their training run

Toshihiko Seko of Japan, one of the winningest marathon runners in history, 9 wins out of 15 startings, with his coach, legendary Kiyoshi Nakamura

Arthur Lydiard, right, on a training run with a young Finnish runner. The dress-code may have been a tad different...

Another Golden coach-champion team: Coach Arch Jelley and Olympic champion, John Walker

Anne Garrett (Audain) leading in the NZ national championships 800m in 1976

Frank Bozanich competing 5,,000 and 10,000m for Team Okinawa (沖縄) against Team Taiwan in 1975 (winning both)

From left to right: Carolyn, Bree and Marie of Team Running Niche in St. Louis, MO. All 3 ran sub-3 hour marathon at 2019 New York City Marathon, training the Lydiard Way.

Kenya's Kip Keino leading the eventual winner, Peter Snell (#466) in the heat of 1500m at 1964 Tokyo Olympics

Arthur Lydiard analyzing the time and discussing workout with Loa Olafsson of Denmark whom Lydiard coached to the unofficial world women's 10,000m record in 1978 (courtesy: Loa McNeese)

John Walker, left, and Steve Scott: two of the greatest milers in history who ran 100 miles a week for Aerobic Base Training

At 1983 Boston Marathon: Paul Cumming (#10), the eventual winner, Greg Meyer (#3) and Benji Durden (#6) who would finish 3rd. Cumming would later race in Lydiard's Converse Equinox.

Arthur Lydiard in 1971 at a running seminar for the Cambridge Sports Union

1964 Tokyo Olympic Games 1,500m final: John Davies (#467) and Peter Snell (#466) winning bronze and gold medal for New Zealand and Lydiard

2011 World Track & Field Championships 1,500m champion (*Watch the race HERE)

Two cool dudes: Dick Quax (left) and Nobby Hashizume at 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games

Frank Shorter on his way to his 3rd Fukuoka title in 1973. Shorter claims he was the first runner to wear the striped shorts in Japan!

Friendly teammate rivalry: Murray Halberg leads Bill Baillie

Nick Willis to carry on the great Kiwi miling tradition: Willis had won the Olympic silver medal in 2008 and the bronze medal in 2016 in 1,500m

Italia's Gelindo Bordin winning the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games marathon gold medal (*Watch the race HERE)

Ray Puckett leads 1960 New Zealand marathon championships; the field includs Jeff Julian, Barry Magee and Bill Baillie

A rare photo of both Nobby Hashizume (left) and Dick Quax in a formal attire!! At 1990 Hitachi banquet in Auckland.

Then unknown local runner by the name of Bill Rodgers, winning 1975 Boston Marathon in the US record of 2:09:55 in hand-written GBTC T-shirts

Tom Fleming, left, and Bill Rodgers lead 1976 Maryland Marathon. Rodgers wins in 2:14:12. He ran an exhibition marathon in Sado, Japan, in 2:08 a few weeks earlier.

1983 Fukuoka Marathon: Ikangaa (#7) leads with Salazar (#1), Shigeru Soh (behind Salazar), Seko (#29), Kunimitsu Itoh (#32), Takeshi Soh (behind Itoh) and Hideki Kita (#31) follow at 35k point (*Watch the race HERE)

1976 Montreal Olympic 5,000m: Finland's Lasse Viren wins gold with New Zealand's Dick Quax claiming silver and West German's Klaus-Peter Hildenbrand diving for bronze (*Watch the race HERE)

Arthur Lydiard with Annette Peters, an outstanding US middle distance runner (1993 US 1,500/3,000m champion) at Mazzi's Italian restaurant in 1997 (*Watch Peters' race HERE)

Yuko Arimori of Japan winning the bronze medal at 1996 Atlanta Olympics women's marathon (*Warch the race HERE)

A running commentator, Larry Rawson, right, with Arthur Lydiard at 2004 New York City Marathon Runner's World party

Christine McMiken, one of the last athletes Lydiard coached when she was in high school, starting the heat of women's 10,000m at 1988 Seoul Olympics next to America's Lynn Jennings

One of the most famous images of "Arthur's Boys" training around 22-mile Waiatarua circuit

Peter and Miki Snell enjoying the full-bloom cherry blossoms by Imperial Palace in Tokyo during the 2008 Lydiard clinic tour in Japan

John Davies leading Peter Snell: "I beat Snell more than anybody in the world but I ran against him more than anybody."--John

Another look at Lydiard runners traininig for different events running together: Snell (800m)-Halberg (5,000m)-Magee (marathon)-McKnight (10-mile)

2000 Sydney Olympic marathon champion, Naoko Takahashi, carrying the 2020 (+1) Tokyo Olympic torch in Gifu Prefecture

Naoko Takahashi, right, jogging with her coach, Yoshio Koide, during her Winter Park training camp in the spring of 2000

US 1,500m champion, Jim Spivey leads Steve scott (has run more sub-4 minute miles than anybody in hisotry with 136) and Germany's Wessinghage

Frank Shorter, left, ties with Kenny Moore at the 1972 US Olympic Trial marathon in Eugene, OR

The cover of "Run--the Lydiard Way" Danish edition published in 1980

Kenya's Douglas Wakiihuri after winning the gold medal in the 1987 World T&F Championships marathon in Rome (*Watch the race HERE)

Denmark's Loa Olafsson ran the unofficial world record time of 31:45 for women's 10,000m in 1978. She was coached by Arthur Lydiard.

Greg Meyer winning the 1983 Boston Marathon in the time of 2:09:00

Lydiard, left, with Garth Gilmour celebrates his 80th birthday with Auckland Joggers Club members in 1997

Coach Miho Ichikawa beautifully excuting Lydiard Hill Bounding. Note the straight line from the top of her head to the tip of her toes!!

Garth Gilmour's last book: "Running For Our Lives"--the birth of Auckland Joggers Club

Coach Bob Sevene duing his days at Athletics West. He coached Joan Benoit to her gold medal for 1984 Olympic marathon at Los Angels.

Bill Rodgers, coached by Boston's legendary Coach Squires, winning his 3rd Boston Marathon in American record of 2:09:27 in 1979 (*Watch the race HERE)

New Zealand's 41-year-old Jack Foster leading the eventual winner, Ian Thompson (#22) of England (2:09:12) at 1974 Commonwealth Games Marathon. Foster ran the fastest master's marathon with 2:11:18.

Peter Snell, on his way to his first mile world record (3:54.4) in Wanganui in 1962 with Murray Halberg and England's Bruce Talloh trailing Snell (*Watch the race HERE)

Coach Shigeharu Watanabe giving the final instruction to Yoko Shibui (2:19:41) before the tune-up workout in Flagstaff in 2009

Dick Quax (far right #33) leads who's-who of distance running in the 1970s: Nick Rose (#22), Henry Rono (multiple world record holder #38), Filbert Bayi (world mile and 1500m record holder #42), Samson Kimobwa (10k world record holder #37) and Suleiman Nyambui (right behind Kimobwa)

In the early stage of 1979 Boston Marathon: from left to right, Gary Bjorklund (#15)-Dickie Mahoney (#48)-Toshihiko Seko (#9)-Bill Rodgers (#1)-Don Kardong (#7). Rodgers would win in the American record time of 2:09:27 with Seko second. (*Watch the race HERE)

Coach Arch Jelley, left, with Larry Wiechern (courtesy: Larry Wiechern)

Powerful stride with total relaxation; "Poetry in Motion" of Barry Magee, on his way to win 1960 Asahi Marathon in 2:19:04

American marathon legends, Bill Rodgers (left) and Joan Benoit-Samuelson with Charlie Rodgers at Bix-7

Nobby Hashizume demonstrating Lydiard Hill Bounding for the Japanese running magazine, "Courir", in 2017

Lydiard, center, running with local runners in South Africa

Lydiard's original book; Run to the Top; truly classic!! Special THANKS to Kim Stevenson for sending me a clearer image of the cover!

Filbert Bayi and John Walker, both breaking Jim Ryun's then world 1,500m record at 1974 Commonwealth Games (*Watch this epic race HERE)

Bill Rodgers handily winning his 4th New York City Marathon in 1979

The cover of "Jogging International" magazine: Australia's Rob de Castella winning the inaugural World T&F Championships marathon in 1983

Greater Boston Track Club's Pete Pfitzinger leading the 1984 Olympic Marathon Trial which he eventually wins over then world record holder, Alberto Salazar (*Watch the race HERE)

Finland's Olavi Suomalainen becomes the first Finnish runner in 10 years to win Boston Marathon title in 2:15:39 in 1972, signaling the return of "Flying Finns"

Japan's Yuki Kawauchi over-joy with the victor's cup for 2018 Boston Marathon in one of the toughest conditions in Boston history, becoming the first Japanese Boston champion since Toshihiko Seko in 1987 (*Watch the race HERE)

The cover of "Track & Field Monthly" after Reiko Tosa winning the bronze medal at 2007 Osaka World T&F Championships

Japan's Hidekuhi Hiroshima handing a water sponge to New Zealand's Mike Ryan at the final stage of 1966 (and the inaugural) Fukuoka Marathon. Ryun goes on for the win.

Toshihiko Seko winning 1981 Boston Marathon--he would win again in 1987

Arthur Lydiard with his convincing manner (photo by Philip Yunger)

Lydiard running camp at Izu Penninsula in Japan in 1963. Far left is Coach Sadanaga, a grandfather coach of Toshi Takaoka. Behind Lydiard in dark tights is Keizo Yamada, the 1953 Boston champion.

Lydiard with young Shigeharu Watanabe of Japan in 1996. Watanabe later becomes the head coach at Team Mitsui Sumitomo and wins the national ekiden title 6 times.

The Golden Team: Arthur Lydiard (left) with Alistair McMurran. They led Richard Tayler to his gold medal in 1974 Commonwealth Games 10,000m.

Paul Ballinger of New Zealand winning 1982 Fukuoka Marathon (*Watch the race HERE)

Nick Willis of New Zealand at his full-flight

Dick Quax running his first ever full marathon at 1979 Nike OTC Marathon--he ran the fastest debut marathon time of 2:11:13

Yoko Shibui's feet. You would think someone who runs 150-miles-a-week with 2:19:41 marathon PR might have beaten-up toes and black toe-nails... It doesn't have to be IF the shoes fit your feet!!

Kenji Kimihara winning the silver medal at 1968 Mexico City Olympic marathon. He was one of the Japanese runners to have learnt the Lydiard method in 1963 before Tokyo Olympic Games.

1983 inaugural World Track & Field Championships in Helsinki 1,500m: Steve Cram (#325) wins with Steve Scott (#918) 2nd, Said Auita (#549) 3rd and Steve Ovett (#341) 4th

1968 Mexico City Olympics 10,000m: Lydiard-trained Mexico's Juan Martinez leads Ron Clarke (#102), Kip Keino (#565) and the eventual winner, Naftali Temu (#575)

Bill Rodgers on his way to his 3rd Boston Marathon victory in 1979 with then American record of 2:09:27 (*Watch the race HERE)

Award Ceremony for 1960 Rome Olympic 5,000m: Olymopic champion, Murray Halberg with Hans Grodotzki (2nd: left) and Kazimierz Zimny (3rd: right) (*Watch the race HERE)

Young Yuya Yoshida (Team GMC) wins the 2020 Fukuoka Marathon with the time of 2:07:05. (*Watch the race HERE)

John Walker (#100) and Henry Rono (#94) fighting for the lead in the 3,000m race in Berlin, Germany, in 1981

Ryan Hall becoming the first American to run sub-1 hour half marathon with 59:43 in Houston in 2007

Arthur Lydiard, left, consulting production of EB shoes

Lydiard leading the field out of the stadium to win 1953 New Zealand marathon title

Lydiard with young runners of South Point High School Cross-Country Team: in 2004

Jack Foster of New Zealand, training over rugged terrain through the farm land of Rotorua--main congributing factor, accoding to Lydiard, for his record setting performance at the age of 41

Yuko Arimori, winning the silver medal in 1992 Olympic marathon; this was the first Olympic medal in the running event by a Japanese woman in 64 years

Lasse Viren of Finland on the cover of Track & Field News: the inage is from 1972 Munich Olympics 10,000m final where Viren won in the world record time

Peter Snell setting 2 world records in the same race; 880 yards and 800m in Christchurch in 1962. His 800m time of 1:44.3, set on a grass track, still stands as NZ national record.

Arthur Lydiard with two-time Olympian, Vicki Huber

Robert de Castella of Australia winning 1981 Fukuoka Marathon in the world record time of 2:08:18

Lydiard running over country side with 20-year-old Murray Halberg in 1953

Arthur Lydiard with Dave Bedford at rhe Runner's World party in New York in 2004

The 50-sents program for the 1965 Times Indoor Games in Los Angels, CA, with Peter Snell beating Bill Crothers on the cover

The early stage of the 1978 Boston Marathon: Tom Fleming (#8)-Frank Shorter (#5)-Kevin Ryan (#11)-eventual winner, Bill Rodgers (#3)-Eda Tikkanen behind Shorter

At the finish of 1974 Commonwealth Games in Christchurch epic 1,500m: Filbert Bayi (#613) 3:32.16 and John Walker (#483) 3:32.52, both world records (*Watch the race HERE)

1972 Munich Olympic marathon: America's Frank Shorter breaking away from the rest of the field (*Watch the race HERE)

Bill Rodgers easi.y winning the Runner's World New Year's midnight run 8k (5-mile) in 1979-1980

Local New Zealand beer named after Snell: "Peter Who?" (he was totally unknown at Rome Games). Number "5" represents his perfect track-record at Olympics and Commonwealth Games.

Peter Snell competing in a half-mile race at White City, England, in 1961

The face of a champion: Bill Baillie

Semi-final of the 1964 Tokyo Olympic 800m with Peter Snell positioning himself to move ahead 250m to go. Snell went on to win his second Olympic 800m title as well as the gold medal for 1,500m

1976 Falmouth Road Race: from left, Tom Derderian-Frank Shorter-Bob Hodge-Vince Fleming-Randy Thomas-Bill Rodgers. White hat is Amby Burfoot and behind Burfoot in blue singlet is 18-year-old Alberto Salazar.

2022 Hakone Ekiden road relay in Japan: the 9th leg Yuto Nakamura passing the sash to the andhor Hironobu Nakakura. Aoyama-Gakuin University wins the 6th title.

Proud mom and dad: Dick Quax, right, with his wife, Roxanne with their second son, Theo Quax, who has joined his dad as a sub-4-minute miler with 3:58.13 in February 2020

New Zealand's Nick Willis attempted to break 4-minutes for the mile 20th year for him at the Midnight Mile at Armory track on New Year's Eve (2021->2022). He missed it by 0.22 second with 4:00.22 (*Watch the run HERE)

Canada's Jerome Drayton wins the 1975 Fukuoka Marathon, setting the national marathon record of 2:10:09 that would stand as the Canadian record for 43 years

Lydiard-trained Glenys Quick leads Japan's Nanae Sasaki, coached by Kiyoshi Nakamura, in 1985 Nagoya Women's Marathon...

...Nanae Sasaki wins in the final kilometer; 50m over Glenys at the finish (as shown here). This was Sasaki's final competitive marathon; she retires after this victory.

Bill Rodgers easily wins 1977 Kyoto Marathon in 2:14:25. Note the crowding spectators over the bridge!

Lydiard's first booklet: "Athletic Training Schedule by Arthur Lydiard" supported by a cigarette company, Rothmans (*Read it HERE)

Arthur Lydiard, left, with Larry Wiechern after chopping an almond tree at the back of Arthur's house: now time for some beer!!

Cathy Schiro (O'Brien) running 1984 Olympic Marathon Trial at the age of 16, running 2:34:24

Ryan and Sarah Hall after Ryan won the 2008 US Olympic Marathon Trial in New York

Richard Tayler (#193) and Dick Quax (#7) competing a mile race at Mt. Smart in 1972 won by Quax with Tayler 2nd. Both broke 4-min in 3:59.1 and 3:59.3.

Manurewa's John Robinson competing in a cross country race in 1984

Arthur Lydiard explaining how aerobic base training has the advantage at Traverse City clinic during the 1999 US lecture tour

Barry Magee en route to winning the 1960 Asahi Marathon to become the first man to run sub-2:20 on Japanese soil with the time of 2:19:04

Arthur Lydiard (left), with Al Carius of North Central College (middle) and Joe Newton of York High School (right) (*Photo: courtesy Greenville Running Company)

Anne Audain winning the Virginia Ten-Miler in 1991. She set the course record of 53:47 in 1984.

Japan's Toshihiko Seko making a break from Geoff Smith and Steve Jones at the 1987 Boston Marathon

Australia's Rob de Castella (#15) leading the 1983 World Cross-Country Championships in Gateshead (*Watch the race HERE)

Arthur Lydiard looking up at his statue at the unvailing ceremony in 2002

Bill Rodgers with New York Road Runner's Club Award in the summer of 1985

Frank Shorter, left, and Kenny Moore checking out Onitsuka Tiger's new racing shoes, Ohbori, at the 1971 Fukuoka Marathon which Shorter wins in these Ohbori shoes

At 250m to go at the 1979 Fukuoka Marathon with Takeshi Soh (#11) leads the eventual winner, Toshihiko Seko (#9), and Shigeru Soh who finishes 2nd

Peter Snell displaying his powerful leg muscles

Athletes represented New Zealand, wearing black singlet with silver fern, who were coached by Lydiard: from back left: Ray Puckett-Barry Magee-Murray Halberg-Peter Snell-Jeff Julian-Merv Hellier. Front left: Bill Baillie-Ernie Haskell-Arthur Lydiard-Colin Lousich-Lawrie King

Team Lydiard; at 1960 Rome Olympics, 5 out of total 9 track & field athletes representing New Zealand were Lydiard runners: from left: Murray Halberg (5,000m)-Ray Puckett (marathon)-Barry Magee (marathon)-Arthur Lydiard-Peter Snell (800m)-Jeff Julian (marathon)

Japan's Toshihiko Seko, right, jogging with his teammate, Nanae Sasaki

Arthur Lydiard giving specific workout instruction to Denmark's Loa Olafsson

Young Murray Halberg, left, with Oregon's Bill Bowerman in Philadelphia in 1954 after Ben Franklin Mile

Greater Boston Track Club teammates, Bob Hodge, left, and Greg Meyer

Lydiard, left, running with Ray Puckett at 1958 New Zealand marathon championships

Lasse Viren's famous "fall" at the 12th lap in the 1972 Munich Olympic Games 10,000m (*Watch the "fall" HERE)

First woman to break 2:20 barrier; Naoko Takahashi runs 2:19:46 at 2001 Berlin Marathon (*Watch the highlight HERE)

Dick Quax winning NZ Games 5,000m in Auckland in 1975, beating two great African runners; Suleiman Nyambui and Henry Rono

Peter Snell, left, with Five Circles' supporter, Bruce Johnson, the inventor of the Breathe Right Nasal Strip, during Snell's MN lecture in 2003 organized by Five Circles

Anne Audain winning the 1990 Lilac Bloomsday, her 7th victory

Aoyama-Gakuin University's Yuya Ando winning prestegous Hakone Ekiden Road Relay. As of 2020, the team had won Hakone Ekiden 5 times

Toshinari Takaoka, right, with Coach Bob Sevene who led Joan Beinoit to her historic first women's Olympic marathon gold medal in 1984

One of the latest Lydiard stand-out runners: Mika Tanaka set the 50-year-old age group Japanese records for 1,500m, 3,000m, and 5,000m the summer of 2020; added a half marathon record 2 months later, training the Lydiard Way

American Ultrarunning Hall of Famer, Frank Bozanich: "I was self-coached so I read (Lydiard's) book and adapted it." He ran 100yds in 10.2, sub-50 for 400m; ran 100-miler in 15:17.20.

Murray Halberg (left) and Bill Baillie. Fearless competitors, firely rivalry between the two; great friends off the competition.

Japan's Toshihiko Seko winning 1987 Boston Marathon with consumate ease against former world record holder, Steve Jones, and LA Olympic silver medalist, John Treasey (*Watch the race HERE)

1976 Montreal Olympics 3000m steeplechase: Anders Garderud (#813) of Sweden wins with Finland's Kantanen (#281) 4th and New Zealand's Robertson (#892) 6th

Another steeplechaser champion employing the Lydiard training system: Emma Coburn, clearing a hurdle beautifully

2001 Edmonton World T&F Championships women's marathon: Yoko Shibui (left) 4th with Reiko Tosa (center) 2nd. Romania's Lidia Simon (right) wins

Dr. Peter Snell lecturing the Lydiard system of training in Japan in 2008, organized and managed by Five Circles

Young Arthur Lydiard in early 1970s for a promotional photo shoot for German's EB shoes

Japan's Toshihiko Seko (#5) trailing Djubouti's Ahmed Salah in 1986 Chicago Marathon. Seko won easily in 2:08:27.

America's Steve "Pre" Prefontaine, a primarily 5,000m runner, leads Finland's Pekka Vasala (#180) in a 1,500m race in Oslo, Norway, 5 weeks before Vasala wins 1972 Munich Olympic 1,500m gold medal (*Watch the race HERE)

The Face of Boston Marathon--"Boston Billy", Bill Rodgers, the winner of 1975, 78, 79 and 80 Boston Marthon, setting American record twice (75 and 79)

Reiko Tosa of Japan, at 2006 Boston Marathon, has time to encourage the Team Hoyt with a pat on the back while leading the women's elite runners

Olympic marathon champion, Frank Shorter leads Greater Boston Track Club's Bill Rodgers (#5) and Finland's Lasse Viren (#3) in 1977 Peachtree 10k

Toni Hodgkinson (#3615) in the heat of 800m at 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games

Peter Snell (#83) diving to the tape in the 800m final at 1960 Rome Olympic Games (*Watch the documentary HERE)

Murray Halberg, left, and Peter Snell jogging around the Olympic village at 1960 Rome Olympic Games

Terry Manners (#3) and Pekka Paivarinta (#2) at 1974 Fukuoka Marathon; both influenced by Lydiard

Young Pat Clohessy winning 1962 NCAA 3-mile while attending University of Houston. Clohessy was one of Lydiard's first "international" pupils

At 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games: from left to right, Dick Brown-Dick Quax-Suzy Favor Hamilton-Nobby Hashizume

Aoyama-Gakuin's Coach Susumu Hara getting the "victory toss" after the team won 2015 Hakone Ekiden. They had won Hakone 5 times (as of 2020). Coach Hara is a huge Lydiard fan!

Marie O'Leary of Running Niche in St. Louis, MO, improving her half marathon time by 5-minutes, her marathon time by 12-minutes to her first sub-3 with 2:58 using Lydiard Running Wizard plan

Emma Coburn, one of the best female 3,000m steeplechasers in the world going over the hurdle in the familiar position--in the lead

Yoko Shibui winning Osaka Ladies Marathon in 2:23:42 in 2009 (*Watch the race highlights and Yoko's interview HERE)

Lasse Viren of Finland winning first of his 4 Olympic races; in 1972 Munich Olympics 10,000m

Anne Audain after winning 1982 Commonwealth Games 3,000m (*Watch the race HERE)

The first book every written on "Jogging": "Run For Your Life--Jogging with Lydiard" by Garth Gilmour in 1963

Arthur Lydiard--the coach of every runner--with Wellington Joggers Club members

Medal Ceremony of 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games 800m: Peter Snell (1st) with Crothers (2nd) and Kiprugut (3rd)

Bill Rodgers on his way to the first of his 4 Boston Marathon titles with his hand-written (BOSTON: GBTC) T-shirts

Arthur Lydiard's old house--starting and finishing point of famous Waiatarua 22-mile circuit--5 Wainwright Ave., Owairaka

Murray Halberg, right, nipping over England's Bruce Tulloh, left, in a 3-mile race

Lasse Viren (#228) in 1972 Munich Olympics 10,000m (*Watch the IOC video HERE)

A young high school runner from Wichita by the name of Jim Ryun (right) beats Olympic champion Peter Snell in the mile (left) and Jim Grelle in 1965 (*Watch the race HERE)

Vicki Huber making the US Olympic 1,500m team for Atlanta under the guidance of Dick Brown with the Lydiard Way

Anne Audain's autograph card by Nike in the 1980s--Anne was the first Nike-sponsored female runner

America's Bill Rodgers (far left) and Frank Bozanich (far right) on the test run at 1975 Fukuoka Marathon

Alison Roe on her way to 1981 Boston Marathon victory: Tom Derderian (#305), the Boston Marathon historian and the coach of Greater Boston Track Club chasing.

1964 Tokyo Olympics 5,000m final: Ron Clarle (#12) leads, #468 is Bill Baillie and #714 far left is the eventual winner, Bob Schul of USA (*Watch the race HERE)

Lydiard, middle, running with his young proteges on the iron-sand beach in north of Auckland, New Zealand

Arthur Lydiard lecturing during his tour around New Zealand for Rothmans in the 1960s

At 2017 Boston Marathon: Nick Willis (right), after winning BAA Invitational Mile in 4:13.2, with 1967 champion, fellow Kiwi, Dave McKenzie

Japan's Yuki Kawauchi setting Personal Best of 8:01.42 for 3,000m at the age of 34 in June 2021 after running 2:07:27 PR at Lake Biwa Marathon in March

Peter Snell's last one-mile victory in his athletic career: in 1965 in Los Angeles over Jim Grelle in 3:56.4. A young high school runner by the name of Jim Ryun was 3rd. (*Watch the race HERE)

Young Ray Puckett competing for Owairaka team, the harrier club Lydiard started, on (seemingly?) Lovelock track

Rob de Castella of Australia leading Tanzania's Juma Ikangaa during the final stage of 1982 Commonwealth Games marathon (*Watch the race HERE)

Murray Halberg setting the world record in the 3-mile in Stockholm

Jon Sinclair, one of the pioneers of US road racers, coached by John Davies, winning an 8k race in Portland, OR

Arthur Lydiard's Converse Equinox. Lydiard developed this Equinox (training shoes) and Thunderbolt (racing shoes) for Converse in 1984. Note "anatomically correct" (as Lydiard calls it) curve. Personally these were one of my all-time favorite shoes.

Lydiard encouraging a runner to push off and lift his knee--any runner of any level will benefit reasonable knee lift to avoid shuffling action

Anne Audain running side-by-side with Frank Shorter; the picture is autographed by Frank for Anne

Toshinari Takaoka, the former Japanese marathon record holder (2:06:16) with Coach Miho Ichikawa who demonstrates Lydiard hill training exercises for Nobby's book in 2020

Craig Mottram of Australia beating Ethiopia's Kenenisa Bekele in 2006 World Cup 3,000m (*Watch the race HERE)

At Dick Quax's wedding: Peter Davis (left) as Bestman and Nobby Hashizume (right) as Groomsman

Anne Audain winning her 5th Lilac Bloomsday title in 1986; she would win 2 more in 1988 and 1990

One of the earliest "jogging" classes in the USA: Oregon's Bill Bowerman, far right, bringing the "concept of jogging", taught by Arthur Lydiard, to US in 1963

Coach Arthur Lydiard consulting with Denmark's middle distance star in the 1970s, Tom Hansen

Arthur Lydiard giving a few words of encouragement to the future double Olympic medalist, Nick Willis

Johannes Kudahl (left) with Arthur Lydiard (middle) and injured Niels Kim Hjorth, a 3:36-1,500m runner from Denmark

Coach Mark Wetmore of University of Colorado (left), one of the most successful US coaches employing the Lydiard Principles, with his hero, Peter Snell

Anne Audain right after she set the world 5,000m record (her first attempt at the distance) celebrating with her coach, John Davies

1964 Tokyo Olypmic Games 1,500m final; John Davies (#467) leading his teammate, Peter Snell (#466). They finished 1-3.

Dick Quax (#33) running along-side of multiple world recored holder, Henry Rono (#38) with America's Marty Liquori behind him

Legendary Arthur Lydiard with Boston's legendary Coach Bill Squires during Lydiard's final US lecture tour 2004 organized by Five Circles

On 9/2/1960 at Rome Olympics, Peter Snell nipped then the world record holder, Roger Moens, in the final 20m to win the gold medal in men's 800m, igniting the legend of Arthur Lydiard and his training method (*Watch the race HERE)

An hour after Snell won his first gold medal, Murray Halberg (#84) starting at the back of the pack but finished first to claim his gold medal from Grodotzki (#277) and Zimny (#523) in the 5,000m, giving "the Lydiard System" 2 gold medals in an hour (*Watch the race HERE)

After they won the gold medals--Peter Snell, left, for 800m; Murray Halberg, right, for 5,000m at 1960 Rome Olympic

A rare photo of Snell and Halberg celebrating the moment at Stadio Olympico (courtesy: Peter Snell)

Nobby Hashizume with Arthur Lydiard in New York in 2004

South Africa's Zola Budd breaking the world record for 5,000m as a 17-year-old, running barefoot

Greg Meyer (#3) and Benji Durden (#6) battling it out in the 1983 Boston Marathon. Meyer went on to win with Durden 3rd.

Statue of Joan Benoit-Samuelson and Bill Rodgers at Bix 7-miler in Davenport, Iowa

Steve Hoag of Minnesapolis, coached by Ron Daws with the Lydiard Way, finished 2nd to Bill Rodgers' American record at 1975 Boston Marathon

Toshihiko Seko (#9), Takeshi Soh (#11) and Shigeru Soh (#8) at the final 200m of 1979 Fukuoka Marathon. They made the Japanese Olympic Team but Japan boycotted the Games

Alan Thompson, left, and Ian Ferguson of New Zealand; multi Olympic medalists in kayaking events: they both employed the Lydiard method of training for 1984 and 1988 Olympic Games

Marty Liquori handily takes over the victory from Matt Centrowitz (sr.) and 2 Russians for USA-USSR meet 5,000m

Peter Snell, middle, as an 800m runner, going over 22-mile Waiatarua circuit with 2 marathon runners, Jeff Julian, left, and Barry Magee, right

South Korea's Lee Bong-Ju (#1832) being sandwitched by Kenya's Eric Waninaina (#1819) and South Africa's Josia Thugwane who would go on to win the gold with silver to Bong-Ju and bronze to Wainaina (*Watch the race HERE)

America's Steve Scott (#938) pushing the pace in the final of 1984 Los Angels Olympic 1,500m final. England's Sebastian Coe (#359) wins.

Two 1,500m runners who broke Jim Ryun's world record at Christchurch (in 1974): John Walker (#14) and Filbert Bayi (#6) here compete in a 7-mile cross country race

Arthur Lydiard with Barbara Bowerman in 1997 in Eugene, OR

Final of 1964 Tokyo Olympics 5,000m: Ron Clarke leads; 3rd from left is Bill Baillie, who finishes 6th, with the eventual winner, Bob Schul, right next to Baillie

Jeff Julian winning Tokyo Pre Olympic marathon in 1963 over the same course; gaining the nickname of “King Julian” by the Japanese (*Watch the race between 6:00-10:00 of THIS video)

The world 3,000m steeplechase champion, Emma Coburn on her lap of honor with the American flag (*Watch the race HERE)

Cathy Schiro (O'Brien) winning New Hampsher Meet of the Champions in her senior year at Dover High School (in Lydiard Thunderbolt!)

Coachi Yoshio Koide, middle, at his runners "reunion": to his right is Hiromi Suzuki (1997 World Marathon Champion), to his left Yuko Arimori (silver mrdal 1992, bronze in '96), far right is Naoko Takahashi (2000 gold medal, first woman sub 2:20)

At the award ceremoney for 1960 Rome Olympics 800m: left to right, Roger Moens (silver)-Peter Snell (gold)-George Kerr (bronze)

Deena Kaster finishing 3rd at Rock 'N Roll Half Marathon in Philadelphia 2014 in the world masters record in 1:09:35

Japan's legendary coach, Kiyoshi Nakamura's book: "Discover, Nurture, Let 'em Grow"

2018 Boston Marathon champion, Yuki Kawauchi "pacing" Mao Ichiyama at 2021 Osaka Ladies Marathon (*Watch the race HERE)

Arthur Lydiard giving advice freely to a young runner at Mead High School girls cross-country team in Spokane, WA, on his final US lecture tour in 2004

Peter snell breaking the world mile record at Cook's Gardeon in Wanganui, New Zealand, in 1961

1974 Christchruch Commonwealth Games Marathon: Ian Thompson (#22) wins with Jack Foster (#50) 2nd and Terry Manners 4th (*Watch the race HERE)

1979 Hood Freedom Trail Run: Bill Rodgers (#1)-Alberto Salazar (#2)-Bob Hodge (#3)-Mike Roche-Randy Thomas (#14). Salazar wins with Rodgers 2nd

Bob Hodge (#13) leading the eventual winner, Dick Quax in 1980 Nike OTC Marathon

Arthur Lydird in 1980s during his running camp in the USA

Bill Baillie (#7), leading Ray Puckett (#10) and Barry Magee (behind Baillie) where he set the world 1-hour and 20,000m records; #6 is Japan's Kokichi Tsuburaya who went on to win the bronze medal in 1964 Tokyo Olympic Marathon

Anne Audain today at her Indiana home, proudly standing in front of the portrait of her Commonwealth Games victory run (*Watch Anne's inspirational documentary HERE)

Peter Snell (#466) winning his 3rd Olympic gold medal in the 1964 Tokyo Games 1,500m with John Davies (#467) 3rd

Frank Shorter showing 2 of his 4 Fukuoka Marathon gold medals at his new home in Falmouth, MA

Arthur Lydiard with Steve Bobenhouse, the (former) owner of Fitness Sports in Des Moines, Iowa, during Arthur's 1999 lecture tour

Ryan Hall on his way to winning the 2004 USA Olympic Marathon Trial in New York Central Park

Dick Quax in action!! Working with his favorite Weber for grilled chicken for his guest.

Coach Susumu Hara, a big Lydiard proponent, after his team at Aoyama-Gakuin University's 6th victory at 2022 Hakone Ekiden

Dr. Joan Ullyot (right) with Jacqueline Hansen at the welcome reception of 1974 first international women-only marathon in West Germany (*Watch the footage HERE)

Miho Ichikawa demonstrating "Steep Hill Running" with excellent knee lift (*Watch her Lydiard Hill Exercise HERE)

Finland's Juha Vaatainen (#738) wins 1971 European Championships 10,000m gold medal. England's Dave Beford (#146) leads. (*Watch the race with the crazy last lap sprint finish HERE)

Bill Rodgers (#1) and Gary Bjorklund (#17) share the lead at 1978 New York City Marathon. Rodgers would win in 2:12:12. This is Rodgers' 3rd of the 4 victories at New York

The statue that captures the moment John Walker wins the gold medal in 1976 Montreal Olympic 1,500m (although he was wearing adidas spikes, not Nike) at Manurewa Central School

Without this man, there wouldn't have been John Walker's statue. Coach Arch Jelley receiving the "Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit" from the Governor General (photo courtesy of Larry Wiechern)

Arthur Lydiard's first athlete as a "coach": Lawrie King, who won Auckland junior 2-mile title in 1945

The book written by Dr. Ernst van Aaken of Germany on "aerobic-base" training

Professor Shoichiro Takenaka who translated the original "Run to the Top" in Japanese, who completed in the 1932 L.A. Olympic Games as a 19-year-old

Ray Puckett (#21) and Barry Magee (#29) with Jeff Julian trailing in the 1964 New Zealand marathon championships/Tokyo Olympic Trial

1964 Tokyo Olympic 10,000m; Barry Magee (#471) was suffering with plantar fasciitis and finished 23rd. #795 is Kokichi Tsuburaya who would win the bronze medal in the marathon.

The Golden Era of New Zealand track: Peter Snell, Bill Baillie, John Davies--Olympic medalists, world record holders competing in a local race

Italia's Stefano Baldini on his way to 2004 Athens Olympic marathon gold medal (*Watch the race HERE)

Rex Maddaford representing New Zealand at the World Cross Country Championships

At Arthur Lydiard Classic at South Point High School, OH, in 2013: from left, Nobby Hashizume-Barry Magee-Harold Smith and his granddaughter, Makinzie-Bill Baillie-Bob Schul

Three 1960 Rome Olympic medalists (from left: Magee=bronze, Halberg=gold, Snell=gold) with their coach, Arthur Lydiard and the youngster, Gary Philpott (far right)

Peter Snell powering down the backstraight on his way to his second mile world record in Western Spring, Auckland in 1964 (*Watch the race HERE)

Men's and Women's champion of the 2017 Fifth Avenue Mile; New Zealand's Nick Willis and USA's Jenny Simpson, both Lydiard-trained runners

Douglas Wakiihuri (left) receiving the Order of Grand Warrior of Kenya from the President of the Republic of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta (middle) in December, 2021

Young Anne Garrett (Audain), at the age of 18, in the Scottish track suits, with the 10,000m champion, Richard Tayler at the 1974 Commonwealth Games

Yuki Kawauchi finishing the 75th and the final Fukuoka Marathon in 2021

Old teammates of "Team Lydiard", Barry Magee, left, and Ray Puckett

Pete Pfitzinger who now resides in New Zealand and who received WA's Legend Award on be half of the late Arthur Lydiard in 2019, showing off his new spike shoes at the 1986 USA T&F championships

Ray Puckett winning the 1958 New Zealand marathon championships as a 21-yeaer-old with his coach, Arthur Lydiard, finishing second

Dick Quax, right, visiting University of Minnesota Athletic Department with Coach Roy Griak, left, and Coach Steve Plasencia, middle, in 2003

At 1978 Fukuoka Marathon with the defending champion, Bill Rodgers (#1) leads the eventual winner, Toshihiko Seko (#9). #25 is Toshiaki Kamata

Murray Halberg (#84) heading for the victory at 1960 Rome Olympics 5,000m with German's Grodotzki (#277) and Poland's Zimny (#523)

The victor's plaque for Peter Snell for 1/2 mile indoor race at NHK Cup in 1962 (courtesy Peter Snell) (*Watch the footage of before the race and award ceremony HERE)

Finland's Tapio Kantanen (#207) being nipped by Kenya's Ben Jipcho for second place with Kip Keino winning the 1972 Munich Olympics 3,000m steeplechase (*Watch the race HERE)

When and where it all started: the official poster of the XVII Olympic Games in Rome in 1960

Australia's Rob de Castella after winning the inaugual World T&F Championships marathon in Helsinki in 1983

Arthur Lydiard's famous "curved" last shoes. This is for Converse's A•B series in 1986. These were the last commercial shoes developed by Arthur Lydiard available to plubic.

Half way into 1977 Kyoto Marathon: Bill Rodgers (#1) wins easily with Akio Usami (#4) finishing 4th 

Arthur Lydiard, left, with W. Carmichael, the president of Gisborne Athletic Club at Station 2XG

Peter Snell winning 880 yards at Santry Stadium in Dublin, beating Ron Delaney and Herb Elliott (#11) in 1960

Marty Liquori on the cover of 1980 April issue of "The Runner" magazine

Dick Quax, left, with a good friend, Somalia's world 1,500m champion, Abdi Bile, at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games

Former Japanese marathon record holder, Toshinari Takaoka, enjoying a 5k "Run with the Elite" Fun Run along Sanami River in 2021

John Davies (#4) leads Peter Snell (#12) in a 1,500m race at White City in 1965 won by Czechoslovakia's Joseph Odlozil with Davies close 2nd and Snell 7th

Steve Hoag holding the second place trophy from the 1975 Boston Marathon with his wife, Geri, and his supporting friends in Boston

Half way into the final of 1964 Tokyo Olympic 1,500m finla with John Davies (#467) leads with Peter Snell (#466) starting to move up (*Watch the race HERE)

2007 Osaka T&F World Championships women's marathon: #12 Kenya's Ndereba wins gold with Japan's Reiko Tosa (#8) wins bronze medal

Medal ceremony of 1964 Tokyo Olympics Marathon: Basil Heatley of England (2nd)-Abebe Bikila of Ethiopia (1st) and Kokichi Tsuburaya of Japan (3rd)

Commonwealth Games 10,000m champion, Richard Tayler, trailing "Pre", Steve Prefontaine of USA in an indoor race

Frank Shorter on his way to his 3rd Fukuoka Marathon title in 1973: in this particular race, he covered the first 5k in 14:36, unheard of back in those days!!

New Zealand's Jack Lovelock winning 1936 Berlin Olympic 1,500m. Lydiard learnt the "art of peaking" from Lovelock

Anne Audain of Auckland leading Dianne Zorn-Rodger in 1976 New Zealand Championshiops 1,500m

Arthur Lydiard with Heidi Rodale, the Director of Rodale Books (Runner's World) at 2004 New York City Marathon Runner's World party

Award Ceremony for 1975 Fukuoka Marathon: Canada's Jerome Drayton wins with Australia's Dave Chettle, left, second and America's Bill Rodgers, right, third

Ecstatic spectators/officials carry Juha Vaatainen after he won European Championships 10,000m

Frank Shorter, left, and Bill Rodgers "jogging" the final 6-miles to take 1-2 spots at the 1976 USA Olympic Marathon Trial

Arthur Lydiard winning 1951 Auckland marathon championships in 2:41

"Running The Lydiard Way" the USA version in 1978

Reiko Tosa, right, chasing the eventual winner, Lidia Simon of Romania in 2001 Edmonton World Championship Marathon. Reiko captured the silver medal

Dick Quax (#1) taking the lead from Bob Hodge (#13) at the 1980 Nike OTC Marathon. Couldn't identify the lady in the 3rd place...

Fellow Michigan runner, Steve Bourne, left, with the legendary MI high school coach, Don Lukens, a close personal friend of Arthur Lydaird and the author of "Lydiard for High School Runners" article in the Noteworthy page

Anne Audain, all by herself again, nearing the finish of 1986 Lilac Bloomsday 12k race (*Watch Anne Audain's documentary HERE)

Peter Snell, left, presenting the 2012 Male Performance of the Year Award to the Olympic champion and the current 800m world record holder, David Rudisha of Kenya at the IAAF Gala

1962 Team Lydiard for Europian tour: from top left: Barry Magee-Gary Philpott-Murray Halberg. front row left: Peter Snell-Arthur Lydiard and Phil Costello

Coach Mark Wetmore advising the world steeplechase champion, Emma Coburn

Peter Snell (#28) with the runner-up John Davies (#26) after the mile race at 1962 Empire Games (*Watch their mile race and Peter's 880 yards HERE)

Toshinari Takaoka, former Japanese national marathon record holder (2:06:16) winning 2005 Tokyo Marathon

Anne Audain on her "reunion" with the "Joy of Running Together" statues at Spokane's Riverfront Park for Lilac Bloomsday

Japan's Yuko Arimori winning the silver medal in 1992 Barcelona Olympic women's marathon

Arthur Lydiard at New York clinic during his final 2004 US Lecture Tour--in his final month but still intense with burning spark in his eyes

Japan's Toshihiko Seko doing the "most important part of his training"--jogging

All the competitors at 1962 Wanganui mile world record (3:54.4) run at Cook's Garden and their autographs: (from left) Alan Parkinson-Albie Thomas (Australia)-Peter Snell-Bruce Tulloh (England)-Murray Halberg-Earnie Cunliffe-Barry Cossar (pace setter) (*Watch the race HERE)

1964 Tokyo Olympics 10,000m: Mamo Walde leads; Ron Clarke (#12); Billy Milles (#722); Gerry Lindgren (#721); Mohammed Gammoudi (#615); Japan's Tsuburaya (#795); Kenya's Temu (#390) with Murray Halberg in all black uniform behind Temu (*Watch the race HERE)

Getting into the Heartbreak Hills in the 1978 Boston Marthon: eventual winner, Bill Rodgers (#3) with Kevin Ryan (#11) and Esa Tikkanen (#12)

Anne Audain over her favorite running ground--Waiheke Island's rolling hills in New Zealand

John Walker becoming the first man in history to run the mile under 3:50 with 3:49.4 (*Watch a short documentary HERE)

Local New Zealand beer named after John Walker and in honor of his first sub-3:50 mile: "Warka 349". The number represent "1" Olympic gold medal and "2" silver and "1" bronze medals from Commonwealth Games

John Davies, right, leading Bill Baillie (seemingly Bob Schul behind them???)

Arthur Lydiard with Mifuyu Komatsu who translated "Running with Lydaird" in Japanese in 1992

Anne Audain relaxing with Coach John Davies

Rob de Castella leading Kunimitsu Itoh of Japan in 1981 Fukuoka Marathon

Yoko Shibui after winning 2009 Osaka Ladies Marathon (*Watch the race highlight and Yoko's interview HERE)

Glance over the heaven--Marty Liquori beating "the mile king", Jim Ryun at 1971 "Dream Mile" at Philadelphia (*Watch the race HERE)

Arthur Lydiard's headshot in 1987 for Converse AB Series promotional brochure

Dick Quax winning World Games 5,000m in Auckland, NZ, in 1975, beating future (1980) Olympic silver medalist, Tanzania's Suleiman Nyambui

Larry Wiechern, an 800m stand-out, winning an 800m race in New Caledonia in the early 1970s

Arthur Lydiard enjoying home-brew beer while young Joanne (Larry Wiechern's daughter) doesn't look ammused

Japan's legendary marathon hero, Toshihiko Seko, carrying the Olympic torch for 2020 (+1) Tokyo Olympics through his hometown of Yokkaichi-city, Mie Prefecture

New Zealand's Allison Roe (F2) running side-by-side with Norway's Grete Waitz (F1) at the start of 1981 New York City Marathon

Kenji Kimihara, at the age of 75, completed his 74th marathon for his 50th anniversary of winning Boston Marathon in 4:53:14 with the bib number 1966 representing the year he won it

Bob Hodge (left), Tom Fleming (middle) and Randy Thomas (right), running with local Japanese runners before Ohme 30k road race in 1981

Kenya's Douglas Wakiihuri winning the gold medal at the 1990 Auckland Commonwealth Games marathon (*Watch the race HERE)

Vic Reeve of University of Oregon, left, towing with Bill Baillie at the start of 4 X 1-mile relay in Western Springs in 1963

The face of a champion: Barry Magee

Minnesota's Gary Bjorklund, right, narrowly nipped Japan's Hideki Kita, in a 10,000m race in Japan in 1977

The Brooks shoes developed by the Olympic champion, John Walker, "RT-1"

The American middle distance star in the 1980s, the silver medalist in the 1983 Helsinki World Championships 1,500m, Steve Scott (#11)

This is how it looks like to win Hakone Ekiden: Aoyama-Gakuin University's Nakakura cutting the winning tape with his teammates waiting for him, cheering him on (*Watch the highlights HERE)

Half way into the 1971 Fukuoka Marathon: eventual winner, Frank Shorter, in the middle with "FLORIDA" singlet; #6 is Akio Usami, the defending champion (1970); #4 is Kenny Moore; Terry Manners (#12) and Jon Robinson drifting back.

Japanese translation of "Running with Lydiard"; co-translated with Nobby Hashizume and Mifuyu Komatsu

Frank Shorter on his way to his 4th Fukuoka Marathon victory, dropping East German's Ekhart Lesse in 1974

Another world champion marathon runner Coach Koide produced: Hiromi Suzuki, the 1997 Athens World Championships marathon gold medalist

John Davies leading Peter Snell in the mile race

Two Bostn legends: Coach Bill Squires (left) with "Boston Billy" Bill Rodgers (courtesy: Paul Clerici)

Arthur Lydiard for the Converse Equinox promotional photo in 1984

Ultra-running legend, Frank Bozanich (right) warming up with Japan's Akio Usami before 1975 Ohtsu Mainichi (=Lake Biwa) Marathon

Yuko Arimori of Japan, placing 3rd in her life-time best of 2:26:39 at 1999 Boston Marathon

Kenya's Douglas Wakiihuri (2nd), left, shaking hands with Japan's Toshihiko Seko (9th) after completing the 1988 Seoul Olympics Marathon

Dick Quax competing in a 10,000m race in Auckland, New Zealand

Peter snell's classic biography: "No Bugles, No Drums"

Dr. Dick Brown with 2 girls he was coaching: Marla Runyan (legally blind runner, 2-time Olympian in 2000/2004) and Vicki Huber (2-time Olympian 1988/1996) in 1997

Finland's Lasse Viren winning the 1972 Munich Olympic 10,000m gold medal (*Watch the race HERE)

The medal ceremony for the 1974 Commonwealth Games 1,500m: John Walker (silver)-Filbert Bayi (gold)-Ben Jipcho (bronze) (*Watch the race HERE)

New Zealand's Mike Ryan (#75) running side-by-side with the defending two-time champion, Abebe Bikila (#1) in the 1968 Mexico City Olympic marathon (*Watch the race HERE)

Japan's Toshihiko Seko after winning the 1987 Boston Marathon (*Watch the race HERE)

Kerry Roger, Bill Roger's son, competing in a cross country race for Manurewa Club in 1984. He would go on to represent NZ for Commonwealth Games ('86 & '90) and World Championships ('91)

Jeff Julian, twice Olympic marathon representative for New Zealand (1960 and 1964), competing in a cross country race, demonstrating a fence-clearing technique

Two Olympians; Dick Quax, left, with Jeff Galloway at Jeff's store, "Phidippides", in Atlanta, GA, in 1996

An epic athletic biography of a great champion, Richard Tayler: "Golds Aren't Easy"

Nobby Hashizume, middle, with Bill Baillie (left) and Barry Magee (right) at the 2013 Arthur Lydiard Classic at South Point, OH

Australia's Rob de Castella after winning the 1981 Fukuoka Marathon in the world best time of 2:08:18

Greater Boston Track Club's Bob Hodge heading for the finish of the 1981 Falmous road race

Two-time USA Olymian, Steve Plasencia, University of Minnesota Head Coach, receiving the Midwest Regional Coach of the Year in 2009 (*Read his resume HERE)

Early stage of 1979 Boston Marathon: Kevin Ryan (#6), Garry Bjorklund (#15) with Bob Hodge between them; Dickie Mahoney (#48) with Toshihiko Seko right behind him; Bill Rodgers (#1) with Don Kardong right behind him (*Watch the race HERE)

Japan's Toru Terasawa, who would break Abebe Bikila's then-world record of 2:15:16 in the spring of 1963, presenting a gift to the New Zealand marathon team; Jeff Julian-Ivan Keats-Ray Puckett. Arthur Lydiard is far left in the back

Kim Smith of Providence/New Zealand leading the 2004 NCAA Cross Country Championships

Arthur Lydiard and Loa Olafsson who held the unofficial women's 10,000m world record (courtesy: Loa McNeese)

Olafsson performing bounding drill under the watchful eyes of Coach Lydiard

Yuya Yoshida, left, after winning 2020 Fukuoka Marathon in 2:07:05 with his coach, Katsuhiko Hanada who was the student of Kiyoshi Nakamura

A rare pictur of Arthur Lydiard with semi-long hair (!!) with his young proteges in the mid-1970s

Naoko Takahashi of Japan, coached by Yoshio Koide, winning the gold medal in 2000 Sydney Olympic women's marathon

Australia's Craig Mottram, coached by Nic Bideau: one of the most exciting "non-African" runners in the 1990s-2000

Coach Bill Bowerman, having learnt the concept of "jogging" brought the idea of aerobic running to his runners at University of Oregon in 1960s

Briton's Jon Brown finishing 4th in Athens Olympic Marathon; he also finished 4th in 2000

Heather Thompson (Matthews) of Manurewa Club leading Anne Audain. Lydiard coached Heather to her silver medal performance at 1978 Edmonton Commonwealth Games 3,000m.

Arthur Lydiard explaining the importance of good knee lift to joggers group in Anderson Park in Wellington, New Zealand in 1975

Yuko Arimori of Japan, coached by Yoshio Koide, running third place at 1996 Atlanta Olympic Marathon; she won the silver medal in 1992 also.

Bill Rodgers leads England's Chris Stewart in the 1976 New York City Marathon. Rodgers would win in 2:10:10. (*Watch the race highlight HERE)

Yoko Shibui, a 2:19:41 marathon runner, with Coach Yoshio Koide who was the coach of her coach, Shigeharu Watanabe

Final stage of 1988 Seoul Olympic Marathon: Djibouti's Salah (3rd), Italy's Bordin (1st) and Kenya's Wakiihuri (2nd). Japan's Nakayama behind Bordin would finish 4th.

Japan's Kenji Kimihara who had won the silver medal at 1968 Mexico City Olympic marathon would finish 5th here at 1972 Munich Olympic marathon

Jon Sinclair (#2) running between US Olympian, Ed Eyestone (#14) and Finnish Olympian, Martti Vainio (#34) at 1986 Lilac Bloomsday which Jon won for the second time

Jon Sinclair and Anne Audain, both coached by John Davies in the Lydiard Way. They won 1983 and 1986 Lilac Bloomsday together; as well as Peachtree 10k (1982) and VA 10-miler (1984)

Three gentlemen who stood on the medal podium of 1964 Tokyo Olympics 1,500m: (from left) John Davies, Joseph Odlozil and Peter Snell

Adam and Kara Goucher, both of whom coached by Mark Wetmore during their CU days, performing interval workout together

Arthur Lydiard with Loa Olaffeson of Denmark (courtesy: Loa McNeese)

1975 New Zealand World Games 5,000m: Henry Rono leads with Suleiman Nyambui and Dick Quax follow

Australia's Rob de Castella winning 1983 Rotterdam Marathon in 2:08:37 from Carlos Lopes in a thrilling final sprint (*Watch the race HERE)

1968 Mexico City Olympic marathon bronze medalist, Mike Ryan, an outstanding masters runner for Manurewa Club in Auckland

Final tune-up 1,200m Time Trial before September 2nd, 1960 Rome Olympic 800m/5,000m races; Peter Snell, left; Murray Halberg, lane one; Arthur Lydiard with a stopwatch on the right (courtesy: Peter Snell)

The final few laps of 1972 Munich Olympics 10,000m final: Lasse Viren leads; Miruts Yifter, Mariano Haro, Emil Puttemans, and Frank Shorter follow. (*Watch the race HERE)

Dick and Dick: Dick Quax, left, with Dr. Dick Brown, right

A portrait of Anne Audain (*Watch Anne's documentary, "Running Her Way" HERE)

A local New Zealand beer named after Anne Audain: "Audacious". Two number "1"s represent 1 gold medal (1982 in 3,000m) and 1 silver medal (1986 in 10,000m) at Commonwealth Games.

A portrait of two champions: Murray Halberg, left, with Peter Snell, right

Peter Snell running around Imperial Palace early in the morning in Tokyo, Japan (in 2008)

Murray Halberg on his way to his Olympic gold medal in 1960 Rome Olympic Games 5,000m

Young Dick Quax trailing Kip Keino in 1970 Commonwealth Games 1,500m. #248 is Richard Tayler who would win 10,000m gold medal 4 years later.

Deena Kastor winning 2006 London Marathon, breaking 2:20 to set still standing American record of 2:19:36

Minnesotan, Ron Daws' second book, "Running Your Best" published in 1985

Coach Arch Jelley, right, with Grahame Douglas who introduced John Walker to Coach Jelley

Anne Audain celebrating her world 5,000m record with her adoptive mother, Valerie Garrett

Rotorua's Michael Voss, right, celebrates the 2021 Rotorua Marathon victory with his coach, Kim Stevenson

Japanese marathon legend, Akio Usami, left, with Dr. Peter Snell during Snell's 2008 lecture tour in Japan

Usami (#6) on his way to the first Japanese victory at Fukuoka Marathon in 1970. #6 is Kenny Moore who set the USA record of 2:11:36

Yuki Kawauchi winning 2018 Boston Marathon under one of the worst weather conditions Boston Marathon had faced in its long hisotry!! (*Watch the highlihgt of his courageous performance HERE)

Peter Snell leading his teammate, Murray Halberg, on his way to his first world record; unexpected 3:54.4 for the mile in Wanganui, NZ, in 1962 (*Watch the race HERE)

Murray Halberg setting the world 2-mile record of 8:30 at Jyvaeskyla, Finland, in 1961

Ray Puckett's first autograph in his life, after winning the New Zealand marathon title in 1958

Bill Bowerman, left, shaking hands with Arthur Lydiard with Barbara Bowerman watching over at the 1997 Prefontaine Classic

Naville Scott "jogging" over 3-hours at Yosemite National Park in 1965

A little spectator in owe of Anne Audain's power and grace; she might have taken up running after this??? (*Watch Anne's documentary HERE)

Young Nick Willis (still in high school) on the cover of February/March 2001 issue of New Zealand Runner magazine