Arthur Lydiard’s Athletic Training: This is the summary of Lydiard Training Principles that Lydiard liked to hand-out. Nobby put together a new version for Lydiard’s USA lecture tour in 1999 and 2004. Here’s the reproduction of this “new version” with Nobby’s footnotes added for better understanding.

The Man Who Never Stopped: This is a chapter from a book, “The Lonely Breed” (1967 by Ron Clarke and Norman Harris), which I've personally felt illustrates Arthur Lydiard, the man, better than any other literature. This is a reproduction of this chapter with a permission from Norman Harris.

Jogging the Lydiard Way: This is the basic principles of “Lydiard Method” for both elite runners as well as beginning joggers. Lydiard put this together for USA Track & Field Federation in 1970. We kept the schedule at the end as shown in the original format. Specisal THANKS to "Arty08" who shared this rare piece of literature with me back in 2008!!

Arthur Lydiard--Running Man: This is a brief description of Arthur Lydiard, the man, and his career and was posted on-line back in early 2000. This is a reproduction of the article with slight editing.

Arthur Lydiard Osaka Lecture: This is the transcript of Arthur Lydiard’s lecture in Osaka, Japan, in 1990 with Nobby’s footnotes. The "tape" was provided to me by Mifuyu Komatsu who organized Arthur's lecture tour in Japan in 1990.

Marathon Training for Distance Events: This article was written by Dan Ferrara and was published in "Runner's World " December 1983 issue, explaining Lydiard's Marathon Conditioning Training in a very simple straight-forward manner.

Evaluating the Lydiard System: This excellent article was written by Ken Doherty in 1967 and I had found this piece as one of the best “evaluation” of the Lydiard training method.

Marathon Training by Ron Daws: Ron Daws was a fellow Minnesotan who coached Steve Hoag to his 2nd place finish to Bill Rodgers at 1975 Boston Marathon. This article was published in "Marathoner" magazine, spring 1978 issue.

Lydiard Interview with Mifuyu Komatsu: Mifuyu Komatsu who organized Lydiard’s lecture series in Japan in 1990 interviewed Lydiard during his stay in Japan. A part of this interview was included in the Japanese translation of “Running with Lydiard ”.

Marty Liquori on Training: This is a 6-part series of exerpts, published in February-August 1981 in "The Runner " magazine, from Marty Liquori's "The Elite Runner's Manual " in 1980.

Analysis of Peter Snell Training: This is the actual training Peter Snell did for various mile-stone performances in his career; taken directly out from Peter's biography; "No Bugles, No Drums". Note; it wasn't always 10 weeks of 100-miles-a-week; 4 weeks of Hill Training...., etc.

Where Have All The Runners Gone?: This article was originally published in “New Zealand Runner” issues 106/107 in 2000. This is reproduced here with permission from the author in 2006, the late Brian Taylor who was a victim of 2011 Christchurch earthquake.

Why I Prescribe Marathons to Milers: This was one of the first articles published on the Lydiard Training Method written by Lydiard himself. This is the reproduction of an article published in Sports Illustrated in 1961.

Anders Garderud's Training Summary: Garderud won the gold medal in 3000m steeplechase in 1976 Montreal Olympic Games in then world record time of 8:08. This is a very good example, and exhibits a carefully structured application of Lydiard Program.

Lydiard Interview by Joe Henderson: This was one of the first interviews done in the USA with Arthur Lydiard. This was published in the July issue of "Runner's World" in 1970 and was done by Joe Henderson, one of the original RW editors and one of the most influencial individuals in the US running scene.

John Davies's Phased Program: This is one of the chapters in "Hal Higdon's How to Train" pulbished in 1997 on John Davies's approach to training. John was coached by Arthur Lydiard to the bronze medal in 1964 Tokyo Olympic 1500m behind Peter Snell. He was the coach of Dick Quax and Anne Audain, both of whom held the world 5000m records.

Leader of the Pack: This interview was published in “The Runner ” magazine in October, 1982, conducted by Jim O'Neil. This was one of the first interviews of Arthur Lydiard I read in the US while I was corresponding with him personally.

Lydiard for High School Runners: This was written by Coach Don Lukens, a successful Kalamazoo Loy Norrix High School, MI, for "Track & Field Quarterly Review" in 1986 and I found this to be one of the best application of Lydiard Method to high school runners.

Running Times Intervew: This is a two-part interview with Arthur Lydiard when Lydiard was touring around the USA in the 1970s; published in "Running Times " magazine in July-August, 1977. These were shared with me by the late Dr. Dave Martin.

Miles Makes Champions: This article was written by Rich Englehart, a 2:28 marathon runner in his days and a loyal personal friend of Arthur Lydiard. This article was published in "Marathon & Beyond" in 2008.

New Zealand Runner Interview: This is a two-part interview with "New Zealand Runner" magazine published in July-August and September-Octorber issues in 1979.

Thoughs from Coach of Coaches: This is more or less a monologue of Arthur Lydiard put together by Hal Higdon and published in "Runner's World" magazine in 1977; reproduced here with the author's permission. This is one of my favorite pieces; it really reflects many of Lydiard's thinking.

How to Set Out a Schedule by Arthur Lydiard: This is the Fundamental of Lydiard Program written by Arthur Lydiard himself. This short simple article was published in "Track & Field Quarterly Review" in 1986. With Nobby's detailed footnotes for clarification.

Lydiard Training by Dr. Peter Snell: This is a short hand-out Peter Snell put together for the Japanese audience in 2008 when I brought him to Japan and conducted 3 Lydiard clinics in Osaka, Tokyo and Gunma.

THE FIRST STEPS--Beginner's Training Plan: This is the initial beginner's program that Nobby put together, based on the Lydiard Principles, for MDRA (Minnesota Distance Running Association) "Beginning Women's Running Class" in 2008 to get up to 15-20 minutes of continuous running.

LEGENDARY LYDIARD: This article was published in "Running Times" in November 2002. This was reproduced with a few corrections and updates, with the authored permission (me!!). The original article is still available on-line HERE at "Runner's World" website.

IN HIS OWN WORDS--Arthur Lydiard's Last Interview: This is the last in-depth interview done with Arthur Lydiard, conduceted by Nobby Hashizume for "Marathon & Beyond" in the spring of 2004 as a part of promotional piece for his final USA Lecture Tour in the fall of 2004.

Lydiard Talk in 1970: This script of Arthur Lydiard clinic in Washington DC was shared to me by "Ken: the Mystery Coach" back in 2008. Besides when Lydiard was actively coaching (1950s and 60s), I consider his talks and literatures in the 1970s and early 80s to be of his prime. And this is one of my favorites.

Arthur Lydiard Interview by Brian Lenton: This interview is a part of Brian Lenton's "Off The Record", one of the best athletic literatures ever!! Brian is a very knowledgeable guy who understands the subject as well as what audience would like to hear. One of the best Lydiard interviews ever.

Athletic Training Schedule by Arthur Lydiard: This is the predecessor to "Arthur Lydiard's Athletic Training"; the original of all Lydiard literatures. I believe it is a good practice to compare the original and the recent schedule to see the progression. You can also see Lydiard's original thinking.

Arthur Lydiard--The Forerunner: This is the article written by the author of "The Kiwis Who Flew", Vern Walker and probably one of the last articles written on Lydiard. The author covers the chronicle of Lydiard--past, present and future--fondly in a very personal level. This was published in "New Zealand Runner" in 2002.

The World According to Lydiard: This article was published in "New Englahd Runner" magazine in March/April 2000 issue after Lydiard's 1999 US Lecture Tour and conducted by Bob Fitzgerald. "New Englahd Runner" magazine sponsored his clinic in Boston.