Beginning Running

Arthur Lydiard was best known as the "Maker of the Champions". But he was also the "Father of Jogging". Implementing his own Principles of Aerobic-base Training Method that produced Olympic champions and the world-beaters, he started the first ever organized jogging group in history (Auckland Joggers Club, established in 1962) with 20 ordinary businessmen ages between 50 and 72. In fact, Lydiard found it more gratifying to help obese heart patients to start up running than elite athletes. Lydiard was "every runner's coach". He genuinely enjoyed helping ANY runner. Here are a couple of literatures, prepared by, and inspired by, Arthur Lydiard to help you start up running.

THE FIRST STEPS: The first objective of anybody starting up running is to RUN 15-20 MINUTES CONTINUOUSLY. This is something I put together for Minnesota Distance Running Association (MDRA) "Beginning Women's Running Class" back in 2006, based on the Lydiard Principles. The idea, at this point, is to use a simple principle of "intervals" to run a little; then walk a little... Gradually, you lengthen the running segment and shorten the walking break and finally eliminate walking break altogether. It is advisable to do some light stretching and brisk walk, particularly if the weather is cool/cold to warm up your leg muscles. Several sample schedules are included, depending on the level of fitness. This has been implemented by many beginning running groups.

LYDIARD RUNNING WIZARD: Once you get to the point where you can run 15-20 minutes without stopping, Lydiard Running Wizard Up-and-Running Plan is designed to bring you up to an hour's running taken into considerations of your age, body-type, and the current fitness level. Up-and-Running Plans, or Up-and-Racing Plans, incorporate the same technologies as all the other Running Wizard plans with algorithm to create the most appropriate pace and valume of training, suggested Heart Rate, suggested RPE, and Recovery Indicators Index. Be sure to check out "The First Steps" above because it contains a discount coupon!

Arthur Lydiard explaining how to start up running and then build up.

JOGGING--THE LYDIARD WAY: If you want to know more about what's going on inside as well as outside, this literature written by Arthur Lydiard (with my footnotes) is highly recommended. This was written in 1970 but most of the contents are still very much relevant today because the Lydiard Principles are based on human physiology. Also included are shoe recommendation, basic supplementary exercises, and the final 10-week training schedules for various racing distances of 3k up to a marathon. Please understand, however, these schedules are to be implemented AFTER reasonable level of aerobic fitness has been obtained through weeks and months of aerobic exercises.