Video Gallery

Hill Training--the Lydiard Way: This is a part of Lydiard Hill Training video put together by Five Circles for Lydiard's 2004 USA Lecture Tour. It is actual Lydiard's voice explaining each exercise during his 1990 Japan lecture, courtesy of Mifuyu Komatsu, Japan.

Peter Snell (from "Faster, Higher, Stronger--1500m"): This is a part from BBC documentary, "Faster, Higher, Stronger: 1500m", that, not only shows Peter Snell's Olympic performances, but also summary of Lydiard training.

ARTHUR LYDIARD--documentary: A MUST for any Lydiard enthusiast!! An excellent documentary put together in 1990 by Trisha Stratford Production, NZ. Arthur Lydiard himself gave me a copy in 1997 as a part of the "promotional kit" for 1999 and 2004 lecture tour.

On The Run: This is an epic documentary video clip that Lydiard and the gang put together in mid-1970s, featuring Arthur Lydiard, Heather Thompson, John Walker, Max Telford and Jack Foster. Very enjoyable and highly recommended!

Anne Audain--Running Her Way: An excellent inspirational documentary video of the most celebrated track distance runner (and the "winningest" road racer!) from New Zealand, Anne Audain.

Starting-Up Running by Arthur Lydiard: Here Arthur Lydiard is explaining how he brought 20 obese heart patients to running up to 20-miles without stopping in 8 months. This is a small part of a video Nobby put together for Five Circles in 2004.

Speed Development by Arthur Lydiard: In his own words, Arthur Lydiard is explaining the importance of suppleness and agility even for recreational runners.

Dick Quax's THE RIGHT TRACK: One of the best instructional running training video the former world record holder, Dick Quax, put together in 1984.

Peter Snell Documentary (NUMERO UNO): This is, in my opinion, one of the best athletic documentaries done by Bud Greenspan (Cappy Productions, Inc.: 1978). Peter himself shared this video with me when he came to Minnesota in 2003 for a Lydiard clinic organized by Five Circles.

Anne Audain-NZ's most successful road runner (SCRATCHED): This is a shorter version of Anne Audain's documentary. She was the winningest road racer with 13 races and 13 wins with 13 course records in 1982 with 5000m world record on track and Commonwealth Games 3000m gold medal;

Hill Training--The Lydiard Way (by Five Circles): This is the original Lydiard Hill Training video created by Five Circles for Lydiard's 2004 US lecture tour. Lydiard made sure this DVD was shown at the clinic.

Modesto Mile 1963: This is another video clip Peter personally shared with me. He said this is equivalent of "60 Minutes" in New Zealand, featuring Snell's impressive "kick" in 1963 Modesto Mile against best American milers.

Lydiard on Running Shoes: As the toughest critic of running sho industory, here Arthur Lydiard exapains what's wrong with modern athletic footwear.

Importance of Proper Running Technique by Lydiard: For those who think Lydiard training is ALL about a lot of running at slow speed, it is not!! Here he explains the importance of running drills and pure speed training even for recreational runners.

Susan Loken Testimonial on Shoe Sizing: She was losing 80% of her toe nails because she was wearing the wrong size shes (too big).

How to Lace Your Shoes the Lydiard Way: This is a short diagram to explain how the Lydaird shoe lacing is done.

Tribute to Arthur Lydiard: This is the introductory video clip put together in mid-1990. When Arthur came to his 1999 US lecture tour, he gave me this video. Appropriately Frank Sinatra's "Winners" as the background song.

1974 Commonwealth Games 10,000m: This is the entire race given to me by Arthur Lydiard. Pardon the poor quality--it's been copied by Arthur, then from PAL to VHS, then to DVD and Mp4 format!! One of the most inspirational races!

1976 Montreal Olympics 5,000m: The entire race given also to me by Arthur Lydiard. This is the Finnish version given to Lydiard by Finnish Federation. One of the most thrilling and tactically exciting races of all time.

Perfect 800m Pacing: This was put together by "Total Running Productions", explaining the importance of "pacing" but also what would happen if you use up your "anaerobic reserve" too early regardless of how fast you are!!