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New Blog is up: "60th Birthday of Bowerman's Running Revolution" by Peter Thompson

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Arthur Lydiard of New Zealand is known as the "Maker of the Champions" as well as the "Father of Jogging".  Lydiard revolutionized the training approach for middle and long distance running, which later became the foundation of all endurance events, including triathlon, swimming, as well as various team sports such as rugby football; as well as kayak and figure skatng!!

The "Lydiard® method of training" has been the Gold Standard of endurance training over the past half century around the world.  Physiologically correct training principles can be successfully applied to, as Arthur Lydiard himself used to say, a 4-minute-miler to a 4-hour marathon runner; a 60-year-old man to a 16-year-old girl.  All you need is to apply the Principles correctly to the individual and the situation; which we provide through various programs.

With Lydiard® Training & Academy, we bring you the essense of Arthur Lydiard Training Principles.  Our mission is to continue the legacy of this revolutionary athletic coach from Down Under, Arthur Lydiard; and provide his teaching in a up-to-date and easy-to-understand format.  We have the only legitimate "Lydiard®-based" on-line running training program, Running Wizard; we offer a monthly newsletter for announcement; and we will share various articles and interviews (with footnotes) and video clips, interview recordings with Arthur Lydiard himself as well as legendary Kiwi athletes fondly known as "Arthur's Boys".  

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What We Offer

On-line Training

Our on-line training program, Lydiard® Running Wizard, is as good as having Arthur Lydiard himself writing a training plan for you! Lydiard® Running Wizard training plans are available for Beginners as well as Elite-level athletes.  Check this out at:

And just how effective is it?  You can read Testimonials or hear this lady's testimonial HERE.


There have been many interviews and articles by and of Arthur Lydiard over the past 60+ years!!  He was always eager to share his ideas.  In order to continue the legacy of Arthur Lydaird, we have reproduced many of these literatures, most of them very much still relevent today, with detailed footnotes so the content is easily understood.  Please check our Noteworthy as well as Q&A with Arthur Lydiard and Video Gallery page on this site.


Lydiard was always clear that we should keep up with all the new research and information.  In the past half a century, science has proven the Lydiard® Principles correct.  We provide up-to-date information in a form of blog and monthly newsletter.  Anybody interested in receiving our newsletter, please send the inquiry to: 

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* We are the only organization authorized by Arthur Lydiard during his lifetime to educate runners and coaches utilizing Lydiard’s methods and intellectual property. The original Lydiard® Certificate Course presentation was co-developed by Arthur Lydiard and Nobby Hashizume in 2004 during Arthur Lydiard’s USA Lecture Tour, organized by Five Circles, a nonprofit organization located in Minnesota. Arthur Lydiard further authorized the trademark of his name and intellectual property to Five Circles to keep the information true to his principles of coaching. Lydiard® is a registered trademark of Five Circles.